Carefree ad offends viewers over use of the word ‘vagina’

The advertising watchdog has received a flurry of complaints about an ad for a sanitary product that features the word ‘vagina’.

The Ad Standards Bureau told Mumbrella that irked viewers have complained about the use of the word for a woman’s genitals as well “the nakedness of the woman and about the fact the ad broaches the topic of menstruation and sanitary products.”

There have been around 30 complaints so far. A verdict has yet to be made about the ad for Carefree Actifresh liners, which has only just been processed by the Advertising Standards Bureau.

Johnson & Johnson was unavailable for comment.


  1. Fred
    17 Jul 12
    11:04 am

  2. I’m vastly more concerned about the word “discharge”

  3. willemrt
    17 Jul 12
    11:10 am

  4. At least it’s not moist discharge. That would be gross.

    Oh. .i just grossed myself out.

  5. Matt
    17 Jul 12
    11:10 am

  6. 1 in 2 people have one. Calm down people.

  7. em
    17 Jul 12
    11:12 am

  8. Surely they could have thrown in the word “moist” to really offend some people

  9. Jake
    17 Jul 12
    11:13 am

  10. Certainly caught me off guard. At least the ad is honest. No softly softly language here.
    I’m not sure if I like it but I’d be interested to see what the response is from the target audience.

  11. Anatomy of Hell
    17 Jul 12
    11:14 am

  12. Really?

    We are still scared of vagina’s?

    Get a grip people.

  13. S
    17 Jul 12
    11:19 am

  14. So where else do you use a tampon if not for a vagina? Well…ok there are other repurposing uses, but none that really should be advertised.

    Don’t know what the big issue about it is…it happens, get over it.

  15. Shabbadu
    17 Jul 12
    11:29 am

  16. It’s educational, straight talking and honest. What on earth is there to get offended about?

  17. Brad
    17 Jul 12
    11:37 am

  18. Didn’t Femfresh have a social media meltdown when they DIDN’T use the word vagina? –

    Can’t win!

  19. TR
    17 Jul 12
    11:39 am

  20. Should have stuck with beaver as clearly it is far more acceptable.

  21. cj
    17 Jul 12
    11:50 am

  22. Sooo… “nakedness”? Where? She’s far more covered than she would be in a bikini, and more than many women shown showering for body wash, moisturiser etc. And the word “vagina”? Yeah, it’s a real word. As others have said – get over it.

    Meanwhile GOD FORBID anyone should “broach the topic of menstruation” while promoting… a product related to menstruation.

    I would LOVE to see a gender and age breakdown of who all these “offended” people are. Would be very interesting. (I’d also like to know how many are members of Family First, ACL etc., but that’s another story…)

  23. Lawrence of a Labia
    17 Jul 12
    12:11 pm

  24. couldn’t they have use a euphamism?

  25. Ben
    17 Jul 12
    12:47 pm

  26. As a bloke I’ll say finally somone’s had the balls to come out and actually talk about the product, simply, honestly and openly. Given women don’t have a say in the matter, why has it ever been so taboo?

    I mean don’t run the spot during Playschool, but come on people, why the shame?

  27. Righto
    17 Jul 12
    12:49 pm

  28. That is GOD AWFUL!!!! Why is she naked? With flowers covering her bits. Discharge? Jesus. I’m shocked. That has to be a joke.

  29. Labia
    17 Jul 12
    12:53 pm

  30. They should have put an image of a BEAVER!

  31. is it 1950?
    17 Jul 12
    12:57 pm

  32. Offended because it “broaches” those topics?!? Wow. What terrific members of society that have complained.

  33. Beef Curtains
    17 Jul 12
    1:00 pm

  34. I didn’t find anything wrong with the advert. Pull yourselves together!

  35. kate
    17 Jul 12
    1:03 pm

  36. absolutely terrific ad. straight-shooting no BS. women have vaginas. products exist for women. i love being marketed to in a realistic way for the first time in…ever?

    @cj I think you’re spot on.

  37. Kimberly Palmer
    17 Jul 12
    1:10 pm

  38. Is anyone concerned we live in a society where use of the correct term for a women’s body parts moves people to complain?! Sheesh.

    It’s about time products that all women HAVE TO USE – and the *gasp* menstruation that necessitates them – can be talked about in an advert without a whole host of odd euphemisms.

    I, for one, am sick of seeing blue dye and dopey blokes in tampon and pad commercials.

  39. Jo
    17 Jul 12
    1:10 pm

  40. Vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina
    Whoopy do people I’ve got one and yes there’s discharge. Get over it

  41. JennyWho
    17 Jul 12
    1:17 pm

  42. Have not seen this ad until just now. I have been hugely offended by a number of ‘feminine product’ ads lately. They have been SO tacky and tasteless. However, I’m not offended by this ad – it is gentle and not demeaning at least. If we must now have blanket advertising of products for menstruation then this one, and the latest U ads are about the best.

  43. Hmmm
    17 Jul 12
    1:18 pm

  44. I’m a guy too. And it’s not offensive – that’s just silly.
    But we’re missing the point here.

    It’s unnecessary.
    The market knows tampons are for vaginas and that vaginas discharge.

    This is why you don’t see toilet paper ads with copy like:
    ‘Extra long 4-ply for your anus really soaks up the anal discharge.”

  45. B
    17 Jul 12
    1:18 pm

  46. Hee hee hee …she said ‘Whoopy’ ..

  47. Patrick The Starfish
    17 Jul 12
    1:21 pm

  48. Are people really complaining about an ad for a sanitary product broaching the subject of menstruation and sanitary products? Who are these ridiculous people? Maybe they need to send the complainers to a year 7 PD Health class?

  49. Offal Spokesperson
    17 Jul 12
    1:22 pm

  50. Seriously?… 30 complaints? Geebus we are absolutely insane.

    Now if the “ladies” from the shire were advertising it…well thats a different story

  51. Jessica
    17 Jul 12
    1:22 pm

  52. A good ad, making everyday body parts and functions less taboo.

  53. Surry Hills
    17 Jul 12
    1:25 pm

  54. vagina & the nudity is totally fine but the word discharge is so not informative, it’s just too descriptive…eeewwww

  55. Fex
    17 Jul 12
    1:26 pm

  56. I don’t see the use of the term ‘vagina’ as at all offensive in this spot. But there’s some serious reasons to complain:

    1. Why is she naked? Seriously, it just kills the matter-of-fact discussion vibe because you feel like you’re in the middle of a home invasion.

    2. The opening section is so badly written that it’s just abysmal: ‘How well do you know your body? I mean, it’s amazing. It cools us down when we’re too hot, it heats us up when we’re too cold.’ What is your point? And why are you asking questions if you’re not going to answer them and they have no relevance to the rest of the ad?

    3. The product is essentially a throwback to the old ‘your vagina is scary and shameful’ concept. Lots of cleverly done self-doubt thrown in among the honest language. Now I see what you’re asking how well women know their body.

  57. Lisa
    17 Jul 12
    1:27 pm

  58. For goodness sake people, it’s something that happens to every female.

    You are so knee-jerk reactive – Its beyond a joke.

    There was a case study recently that saw users of the Femme Fresh Facebook page up in arms as euphemisms were used instead of the word ‘Vagina’.

    Vagina is not a swear word, it is not dirty and IMO you all need to grow up!

  59. Lisa
    17 Jul 12
    1:29 pm

  60. Here is the piece I am referring to!

    I think you guys could learn a lot from it!

  61. ok
    17 Jul 12
    1:32 pm

  62. sure, makes sense.

    Quilton. For swiping up that smelly s–t faster.

  63. Hairy Clam
    17 Jul 12
    1:34 pm

  64. Wow, I’m amazed there are that many people out there who are scared of vaginas. They obviously haven’t given much thought to where they came from.

    @Kimberly Palmer I agree with you completely. The less retarded ads with guys sticking sanitary pads to themsleves to make armour or tacky ads where a girl takes her beaver for lunch and to get her nails done, althought slight funny, insulting.

    Vaginas exist, they have discharge, get over it! I’m sure if the word penis was used in a condom ad it wouldn’t create as much complaint.

    The fact that this complaint actually has to be taken seriously by the Advertising Standard Bureau is a sign of how messed up our systems and people have become.

  65. Anonymous
    17 Jul 12
    1:35 pm

  66. Let me guess who complained.
    Christian fundamentalists,Catholic admin (male) and hand wringing fake feminists.

    Another smoke screen to take the focus off the need for a Royal Commission into the heinous crimes of church pedophiles and the hierarchy who covers their arses.

  67. JewelDivasStyle
    17 Jul 12
    1:35 pm

  68. Why are some people confusing panty liners, which is what she’s advertising, with tampons. Completely different thing people. Also, while she did mentions periods, panty liners are used for between periods. She said discharge, it’s also known as secretions. And more than half of the female population have them as it’s the vagina’s way of cleaning itself.

    Seriously people. The Beaver was disgusting and quite frankly, patronising and insulting to women. I’ve never called mine a beaver so why they thought that was okay is beyond me.

    There have been condom ads, although rare, and there should be far more of, and tampon/panty liner ads for years. It’s a part of life for half of the population. The only way you’re going to get rid of these ads, and periods and liners, is by getting rid of the female race.

    Ain’t happening people! Just ain’t happening.

    So pull your head out, grow a brain, build a bridge and then get over yourself.

    I’d like to know whether it’s old prude women or males that are complaining. Does anyone know?

  69. T
    17 Jul 12
    1:36 pm

  70. Just a few days ago, an article was published saying TV shows and movies portray menstruation as particularly traumatic and embarrassing.

    And now, its so taboo that we can’t even talk about the act of it, the symptoms or even dare utter the word without people being offended or ‘grossed out’.

    Perhaps we should revert back to women being temporarily banished from society during their menses. I’d love the time off.

  71. Sharyn
    17 Jul 12
    1:37 pm

  72. It must be difficult for those deluded people who think menstral blood is blue or that sanitary products are for entertaining your dog or mopping up spills, but really what is all the fuss about.
    After all we woman have to sit through all the floppy penis ads. The worst of which has a bunch of men in their socks playing the piano with their penis’

  73. Sharyn
    17 Jul 12
    1:39 pm

  74. The women of Australia should campaign to the ASB to keep this ad up!

  75. jeanette_kc
    17 Jul 12
    1:45 pm

  76. I’m with @Jake at 11.13am.

    When I saw it last night I was expecting vitamins or yoghurt… so the subject matter really threw me!

    I’m still not sure if sure if I ‘like’ it, but on another level I ‘get’ it… which makes me want to buy a round of drinks for the the Carefree marketing team and discuss their thought process and corporate challenges in a nerdy, Gruen-esque manner.

  77. Ani
    17 Jul 12
    1:48 pm

  78. Well I’m offended by people complaining about vaginas. How dare they act like mine and my daughters bodies are something to hide. Sexist oppressive men are usually the ones who generate this sentiment, and the others are just idiots who follow them along mindlessly singing their tune. Yuk

  79. Groucho
    17 Jul 12
    1:51 pm

  80. Vagina is such a cunt of a word isn’t it?

  81. Anonymous
    17 Jul 12
    1:53 pm

  82. i think the client and agency just saw an opening and ran with it

  83. Sam
    17 Jul 12
    2:11 pm

  84. Gone are the days where I can enjoy a violent, graphic movie on TV without being subjected to ads with words like “Vagina”! How offensive.

    Hmm, perspective people. Yeah I was shocked, not because it’s offensive but because I didn’t expect it. Great to see. Let’s use real words!

  85. katea
    17 Jul 12
    2:21 pm

  86. The only issue I have with this ad is that she is naked – it sexualises a completely non sexual topic.
    Extremely refreshing to see someone speaking frankly using proper grown up language about female menstrual cycles – but the fact she is in the nude is really odd.

  87. Liz
    17 Jul 12
    2:32 pm

  88. And yet penis enlargement ads are okay..

  89. Linda
    17 Jul 12
    2:49 pm

  90. So right, Sam. We just need content with masturbation, circumcision and maybe some other gross mutilation. That should take the pressure off sanitary ads.

  91. T
    17 Jul 12
    2:57 pm

  92. Katea- I think we can all name a fair few ads that ‘sexualise’ a completely nonsexual topic. Topless hot dentist anyone?

  93. Hoin
    17 Jul 12
    3:26 pm

  94. So people have complained about the use of the word vagina. I suggest the ad be remade and the C word be substituted. Then the idiotic time wasters will really have something to whinge about.

  95. LW
    17 Jul 12
    4:03 pm

  96. My favourite three ‘ick’ words are flaps, panties, and moist. I’d love to see an ad with all three in!

  97. SJ
    17 Jul 12
    4:08 pm

  98. Something smells fishy about these ASB complaints.

  99. karalee
    17 Jul 12
    4:09 pm

  100. Genuinely interested; do you think the ad would have had the same negative (and frankly, embarrassing) reaction had she been clothed?

    Agree with Katea – if Carefree’s objective was to get the word ‘vagina’ into the lounge rooms of Australians (which would be a very welcomed maturity to ‘beaver’ and every other euphemism currently in circulation), then they should have reconsidered the delivery mechanism. She doesn’t need to be naked. It adds no value to the product or message, other than creating sensationalism, and has resulted in their ad probably being removed at some stage. Which is a downright shame.

    #iamvagina twitter movement anyone?

  101. bob is a rabbit
    17 Jul 12
    4:25 pm

  102. @ LW – at least they didn’t say “the unique flaps on our pads mean no more moist panties from nasty vaginal discharge”.

  103. Spindoctor
    17 Jul 12
    4:50 pm

  104. Surely “vagina” is the only word that can be used here? Gosh, even doctors use it!
    A vagina by any other name would be a …….?

  105. Martina
    17 Jul 12
    4:58 pm

  106. And while we are at it may I say the word Vulva?
    Come on people, its about time we used grown up words. Beaver was so offensive.
    The only thing offensive about this ad is the implication that the natural self cleaning mechanism of our genitalia somehow is icky and needs something to soak it up. Isnt that what undies are for?

  107. Jacob
    17 Jul 12
    5:15 pm

  108. The nudity is pointless at best, and damages the message at worst.

    Otherwise, I’d say the complaints (all 30!) are groundless.

  109. Lucio
    17 Jul 12
    5:22 pm

  110. Why is she standing starkers in her dining room?

  111. Peter Petrovski
    17 Jul 12
    6:57 pm

  112. The issue is with her nudity. It makes no sense. If they are aiming to go for the straight down the barrel message that’s great, I applaud them, but then they feel the need to sensationalise it by using a naked girl. Bit of a shame.

  113. Ann
    17 Jul 12
    7:06 pm

  114. What time is it on. If after prime time, maybe OK.

  115. T
    17 Jul 12
    7:19 pm

  116. This sad stream of comments is why its so hard to get great creative in the market. She wasn’t ‘naked’. You can see her shoulders and stomach people. And the ad is partially about not being ashamed of your body so feels completely on brief to me.

  117. Sophie
    17 Jul 12
    8:04 pm

  118. Some women experience enough discharge to necessitate products like this, especially when pregnant. Undies are not enough protection! I think this ad demystifies panty liners and ‘odd’ bodily functions. There is so much semi- nudity in ads these days I barely raised an eyebrow. Thumbs up.

  119. simone
    18 Jul 12
    12:52 am

  120. Its not offensive, it’s just unnecessary. Like someone said, women know what pantyliners are for, we’re not dumb. In that vein, why don’t they advertise toilet paper with lines like ‘bodies are amazing, they turn food into poo but our product will wipe it off your anus” or tampons “womens bodies are awesome, they bleed when you’re not pregnant but wodge our product up your vagina and it will soak up the blood”. I am more offended at the nude chick treating me like an idiot with her biology 101 lesson. I know what vaginas do, and all the “bravo, no longer must we be ashamed of our vaginas” reactions are baffling. It’s marketing schtick disguised as being progressive.

  121. jean cave
    18 Jul 12
    8:17 am

  122. Smegma . . it is such a great word.

  123. the public
    18 Jul 12
    12:00 pm

  124. vagina. vagina. vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina.vagina. vagina. AND discharge!

    Now I’ll wait for the whole world to cave it.

    What I found the most offensive about this ad was that a woman was talking to women using the words ‘vagina’ and ‘discharge’ WITHOUT wearing a lab coat. seriously.

    Again, waiting for the world to cave in.

  125. Not anyone special
    18 Jul 12
    12:28 pm

  126. enough puns and cheap cunt jokes – why be so predictable??

    and precious?

  127. Girrrrrrl....
    18 Jul 12
    1:05 pm

  128. I’m more offended at how stupid she treats us.

    “use our tissues to clear up nasal discharge when your mucus is dripping” – same thing.

  129. AC
    18 Jul 12
    1:30 pm

  130. Not a great ad, but at least it’s not another woman running around on a beach with her friends blasting on about the CONFIDENCE you will automatically have.
    Having worked on a feminine hygiene product before, it’s unbelievable how many people, let alone women, can’t even talk about the subject matter of personal hygiene without feeling ashamed of it or that it is taboo. If our industry didn’t try and wrap the whole category up in cotton wool, and actually use the correct terms instead of “suggestive blue dyes” in the first place we wouldn’t have a society that thinks VAGINA and DISCHARGE are offensive terms.

  131. Offal Spokesperson
    18 Jul 12
    1:35 pm

  132. the whole debate of the use of vagina is absurd. BUT, what i find equally and perhaps more ridiculous is the number of people on here deciding that nudity = sexual.

    FFS – Vagina’s are normal and Nudity is normal.

    Grow up

  133. Simon
    18 Jul 12
    2:03 pm

  134. I also only question, why she needed to appear naked? other than that better than the old blue sports drink ads.

  135. Ad hack
    18 Jul 12
    2:04 pm

  136. Mentioning ‘Vagina’ is so un-Australian – everyday I see our country’s patriotic identity being marginalised by US-state sponsored ultra-conservatism and political correctness…

    Pop open the tinnies, paint the southern cross on ya face and and tell ya mates your sheila is on rags this weekend…

    btw – the correct Australian term for ‘vagina’ is moot…..

  137. Richard Moss
    18 Jul 12
    2:31 pm

  138. I wrote on this subject some months back in response to a radio national programme, but the ABC moderators cut it .

    The original English word for the combined female genitalia, and which appeared in print in the first medial dictionary in the English language, was “Cunte” with the ‘e’ but this was not at all acceptable by the church who were the guardians of morality at the time, and this five (eventually four) letter word, had to be replaced with a suitable Latin word. The four letter words words Cack and Shit had been replaced with the Latin word for the sludge left behind when the wine is poured from the barrel “Excrement ” and the Latin word Vagina or Sheath (the place where the sword is rammed) became the rather obvious word to replace the much more offensive word Cunt (e)

    All makes perfect sense, especially when high class persons (Maggie Thatcher used it all the time) say Poppycock when they believe a thing to be nonsense.

    Poppycock is an old Dutch word derived from Pappekak which means…wait for it… Sloppy Shit !

  139. Offensive...really?
    18 Jul 12
    3:03 pm

  140. Nowhere near as offensive as the shock and awe blitzkreig of gory images used in anti smoking ads showing gammy toes and rotten gums and lost limbs.. as a non smoker I am genuinely tired of the defense of this crap with the “end justifying the means” rationale when there appears to have been little if any benefit in scaring smokers for years

  141. Groucho
    18 Jul 12
    3:16 pm

  142. @Richard Moss………..wonderful explanation, thankyou. And the word seems so much more attractive with the ‘e’, doesn’t it?

  143. LW
    18 Jul 12
    6:17 pm

  144. One of Bill Bryson’s books mentions there used to be a street in London called Gropecunte Lane. :-)

  145. Lou
    18 Jul 12
    8:29 pm

  146. Richard Moss – Yes! Vagina means sheath for a sword. The word is cunt.

    Carefree’s scented and ‘oxygenated’ liners are so 1950s. What’s next – douching with Lysol?

  147. Laura
    18 Jul 12
    8:30 pm

  148. @SJ someone else agrees with you about those complaints being suspicious

  149. Leigh Blackmore
    18 Jul 12
    9:32 pm

  150. A vagina is a vagina. What’s the big deal? I’m more inclined to complain about tampon ads that show a blue fluid. Like we can’t handle the fact that blood is red. grow up!

  151. HUH??
    19 Jul 12
    2:25 pm

  152. So I didn’t realise the fact that women experience discharge had to be a secret. I don’t understand why we can’t talk about the things that we all experience as a part of our human nature. I’d much rather that things like this be out in the open so that we don’t feel abnormal than continue on keeping women’s (or even men’s for that matter) health a taboo topic.

  153. jean cave
    19 Jul 12
    4:14 pm

  154. Things have come a long way since I was a girl really. I am still reeling though after watching Channel 4 (UK) Embarrassing Bodies Saturday night Smegma Special.

  155. LW
    19 Jul 12
    6:49 pm

  156. I reckon Smegma would be an awesome name for a heavy metal band.

  157. Richard Moss
    19 Jul 12
    7:11 pm

  158. Things have come a long way jean cave.

    I remember when condoms were sold only at chemists shops and they were wrapped in green paper (not brown) and kept in a draw behind the counter.

    One would enter the shop , hoping that the young female assistant wasn’t behind the counter, if she was, one asked to deal with the chemist (nearly always a man) who was them asked about “prophylactics” not French Letters, which was their common name. The chemist man would slide open the draw and remove a green paper wrapped pack of three and slide them across the counter, raising his hand only when the money had been placed beside it on the counter. As soon as the green pack became visible, one was expected to slip it quickly into one’s pocket.

    Sanitary napkins and the smooth tube loader tampon variety were not hidden away, but were also wrapped in green paper. They were available in supermarkets as well as chemists, and young women were educated by their mothers to look for the parcels or the small square boxes, wrapped in green paper.

    As for the Smegma special, well, I don’t find it embarrassing, but I have often thought that the high end kitchen appliance and white good people wouldn’t mind if it vanished into thin air.

  159. Matt
    20 Jul 12
    10:22 pm

  160. SJ .49 ahhhh hahahaha bet comment on here

  161. Nord
    22 Jul 12
    6:33 pm

  162. Richard, the word cunt actually comes from the Norse. Interestingly enough most other monosyllabic swear words came into our launguage via the same Vikings.

    Cunnus is Latin (root of cunnilingus etc, meaning vulva) but the usage of the c word comes from Germanic / Norse heritage. As I was taught in school, and as it states on Wikipedia as well.

  163. CC
    22 Jul 12
    7:21 pm

  164. Not many people seem to have identified that the ad actually tells women to use Carefree panty liners “EVERY DAY” because of “odour” and being “less than fresh”. Yeah, that is really progress.

    It is quite ridiculous that people can think that this ad is so progressive when it is essentially telling women that panty liners are required every day for the rest of your existence if you don’t want to be considered dirty and smelly.

    What a joke. The basic premise of the ad is “lets say “vagina” and “discharge” and talk some shit about “knowing your body”, then we can convice the girls that knowing your body means realising its a stinking filthy thing that needs a Carefree product at ALL times.”

    It’s an ad people. Carefree isn’t seeking to make you feel secure about your “vagina” or normalise your “discharge”. It actually suggests you have seemingly never ending discharge that apparently is gushing from your vagina every day, at least enough to warrant some plastic and cotton in your undies at all times. Call me abnormal but discharge between periods doesn’t have a noticeable “odour”, is not profuse and has never caused me to want to use liners everyday. This applies to every woman I’ve spoken to about this also. Some women may get more discharge perhaps, but if it were significant enought to warrant everyday use of carefree products for the rest of my life, I’d be heading to the doctor for a better solution.

  165. Roger Me
    23 Jul 12
    10:53 pm

  166. Won’t one of the 30 complainants have the bravery and the decency to front up on this forum and say why they complained! I suspect fundamentalist christians and muslims, other religious fanatics and body phobics with nothing better to do than push their stupid “standards” down our throats. By the way the add was stupid, as someone said use a tissue! But really, making a fuss about a suggestion of nudity, a woman with a vagina and mid cycle discharge is absolutely completely outregeously more stupid. I know nothing about the subject really because I’m a gay man, but I know I’m not offended!

  167. HJ
    24 Jul 12
    10:06 pm

  168. Completely agree with CC, it’s great that they’re to the point and open and all that, but they’re creating a problem for the entire female population just to sell more stuff! Maybe some people have more discharge, and some worry about it more, but I feel like this ad is trying to say “even if you’ve never been concerned about your discharge, you should be! How embarrassing, you’ve been dirty all this time, but we can fix that by covering it up!”

    Isn’t it ironic that they say discharge is normal and healthy, yet they’re trying to sell something that eliminates all traces of it to make you feel ‘clean and fresh’, implying it’s dirty…

  169. Why?
    24 Jul 12
    10:30 pm

  170. I don’t mind what she is discussing, but don’t understand why a young girl needs to appear in the nude?????? seriously! So undermining to women’s health!

  171. mere male
    26 Jul 12
    5:08 pm

  172. I find this ad considerabvly less offensive that that which portrays males as ignorants who think that panty liners or pads are body armour for luke skywalker ….

    PS Roger Me I suspect that you a actually narrow minded biggot yourself with opening remarks like that – and you call yourself gay – shame

  173. vinelli
    27 Jul 12
    12:00 am

  174. Sure the Libra ad with the boyfriend dressed in pads is bloody hilarious. But this is great! It’s honest and not offensive at all. Much better, much needed. Bravo Carefree.

  175. Jacko
    27 Jul 12
    1:52 pm

  176. I find the ad patronising, as a women we know what panty liners are for. Not sure why the girl is naked either?

  177. Richard Moss
    30 Jul 12
    11:11 am

  178. @ Jacko

    As a coffee drinker I know what coffee is for, but they still keep advertising the stuff and telling me that it has a smooth taste and a pleasing aroma, how it will pick me up and refresh me, so try not to feel patronised by being told what you already know regarding panty liners.

    “Women” doesn’t require the indefinite article, so I guess that was a slip.

    I know naked causes a problem for some people, I have never figured out why, since the art world and religious imagery is full of it, but when one is dressing (particularly in underwear) I guess it is not unreasonable to assume that the person doing so began in the nude.

    In this particular case, something very personal and close to the naked body is being applied before the underwear, so nude seems at least logical to me, if not essential.

  179. Sam
    31 Jul 12
    2:14 pm

  180. It’s not completely necessary that she’s naked.. I don’t know about the rest of the female population but my undies are the first thing I put on, so I’m often naked when I whip out a liner.. But yeah I guess to stop people panicking she could have been clothed, although it’s ridiculous people would think of it as sexual..

    And for all the people saying the way she talks about discharge is condescending because the target market already knows liners are for discharge – it’s not condescending at all to the younger market. When I was a teen I thought liners were for girls with light periods, and for tampon ‘back-up’. I had no idea discharge was normal and thought there was something wrong with me. It wasn’t until we were adults that my friends and I realised it was something we all experienced.

    This ad would have been very helpful and refreshing to me as a teenage girl. Nice work.

  181. Equality Police
    1 Aug 12
    4:08 pm

  182. In the interest of fairness I think a company should develop a penis urinary dribble pad. After all men urinate frequently during the day and never tuck away a perfectly dry penis. The company could then branch into ejaculate sanitary products. A lot more discharges come out of a penis than a vagina. I like the word “vagina” being mentioned but I’m certainly not going to slap a carefree panty liner on my vulva everyday because of an ad. I use panty liners for spotting and back up for tampons only.

  183. Anonymous
    9 Aug 12
    1:17 pm

  184. im actually over the whole TV commercial nonsense to get our attention in the first place…between tampon adds and medication for older men to keep him active…really, aren’t we all over this base advertising..where has the creative adds gone..Thanks god for Rhonda:)

  185. Anonymous
    14 Aug 12
    5:54 pm

  186. Women should be at least indirectly angry at the ad, because ALL men seeing this are now less likely to want sex with them or especially to go down on them as much. So enjoy your gross imagery and honesty in advertising, but beware the repercussions.

  187. Seriously
    14 Aug 12
    9:30 pm

  188. I agree with Fred. Seriously.

  189. Robin Paumgarten
    15 Aug 12
    9:45 am

  190. You people are adorable. And to think some of you are responsible for creating and managing campaigns on any product or service for 50% of Earth’s population!

    Say what you like about our elite private schools for boys. They may have completely messed you up, but somehow you’re all big grownups now and you know everything about women. Bless.

  191. Jane Simmons
    15 Aug 12
    11:19 pm

  192. very patronising add. Remove it