Lynx responds to ad ban with fake press conference boosting the double entendre

lynx press conference

Lynx: Mock press conference

In a move suggesting that a ban on Unilever’s Lynx Clean Your Balls ad was a part of the company’s advertising strategy from the outset, the brand has immediately launched a new video featuring an unapologetic mock press conference.

The video comes as it was revealed that the Advertising Standards Board has banned the innuendo-laden ad because of the way it portrayed older men.

The new video features a brand spokesman holding a press conference.   

Lynx balls

Lynx: They used to be his balls

In keeping with the first ad in the campaign, much of the script has been lifted from a US campaign for sister product Axe which aired nearly two years ago.

Among the jokes carried across is a visual joke around blue balls, more suggestions that the only black man in the ad has a large ball sack and a severe woman who owns her boyfriend’s balls. The Australian version also steers clear of a visual reference to the specialist practice of teabagging.



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