Australia ninth biggest cinema market

The Avengers

The Avengers

Australia is the ninth biggest cinema market internationally, new numbers published by the The Motion Picture Association of America suggest.

Australian box office was responsible for  $1.2bn of the $34.7 billion made by the industry last year.

Australia was just behind Germany ($1.3bn), South Korea ($1.3bn) and Russia ($1.2bn) and ahead of Brazil ($0.8bn). Australia has one of the world’s highest admissions per capita.

The global figures show a 6 per cent growth from last year. Blockbusters like The Avengers and Skyfall helped boost sales.


  1. Bem
    27 Mar 13
    11:45 am

  2. If this is the case why do we constantly get screwed with delayed release dates? Or DVD releases that lack content to overseas editions?

  3. Shabbadu
    27 Mar 13
    12:31 pm

  4. Hang on, aren’t illegal downloads killing the industry?

  5. Lynne
    27 Mar 13
    2:17 pm

  6. we certainly pay more than the rest of the world

  7. Jay
    28 Mar 13
    11:23 am

  8. Australia is only in this position because of the ridiculously high ticket prices we pay at the Cinema – the constant whining from Distributors about piracy hurting their bottom line is clearly bollocks…

  9. Jane
    28 Mar 13
    12:46 pm

  10. Be higher if it was more affordable!

  11. macsmutterings
    28 Mar 13
    3:23 pm

  12. Jay you are spot on – would love to know what ranking we would be based on number of movie goers per capita compared to others