Claire Hooper ‘to quit Mix’

claire hooper tim rossClaire Hooper is to depart Mix 106.5’s Rosso & Claire breakfast show at the end of the year, The Daily Telegraph is reporting.

In the last set of radio ratings, the show, co-hosted with Tim Ross had a 3.9% share of the Sydney radio audience.

Among the commercial FM breakfast shows, The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Southern Cross Austereo’s 2Day FM is number one with a 12.1% share. Fitzy & Wippa on DMG’s Nova are joint second with a 6.4% share, along with ARN’s Jonesy & Amanda on WSFM. Fourth comes Triple M’s Grill Team on 4.5%.

Rosso & Claire were fifth.

The duo were brought together by ARN at the start of the year. Hooper had previously co-hosted the show with Andrew Rochford. The Tele suggests that Hooper and Ross struggled to build on air chemistry between them.

The duo talked to Mumbrella when they were brought together at the beginning of the year:

The Tele reports: “Radio executives have been secretly auditioning prospective partners for Ross for weeks and sources say they are currently putting their hopes on one of two women – either the multi-talented and over-extended Julia Morris or Yumi Stynes.”

ARN told Mumbrella that it was company policy not to discuss contract negotiations.


  1. matilda
    17 Nov 12
    3:53 pm

  2. Speaking of radio, what can we make of Grubby and DeeDee not being on the air today? It’s probably an innocent pre-commitment but they have only been there a month or so and when i click on the weekend break, the link isn’t active. Or , depending where you are on the 3AW website you can go to the Weekend Break page but there’s only a photo, no text??

  3. BD
    18 Nov 12
    2:04 am

  4. Am I right in thinking that Mix 106.5’s breakfast ratings have only gone downhill since Sammy Power was axed about five years ago? From memory, Power rated as high as 6.5% and didn’t score lower than a 5 during her tenure. This would now be an aspirational result for Mix.

  5. nickduringtheday
    18 Nov 12
    9:27 am

  6. Here’s a tip for ARN; During the interview process for a new co-host – send Tim and the candidate out for a boozy lunch together. After lunch ask them the question
    “Do you like each other?”
    If only they had done that with Claire and Tim 12 months ago they could have saved themselves the pain of a breakfast show that sounded like two flatmates who disliked each other.
    Outright hate can work (think Wendy Harmer and Peter Moon – classic fun).
    A friend said to me that Tim and Claire sounded like a couple who had split up. I disagreed – there was so little chemistry between them that they would never have been a couple in the first place.
    Both are talented in their own right. They were lacklustre together. Did anyone at ARN notice this a year ago when they were teamed up?

  7. Lons
    18 Nov 12
    11:50 pm

  8. Someone please explain how kyle and Jackie O are still performing at the top? I just don’t get it!

  9. Hmmmm!
    19 Nov 12
    10:35 am

  10. ARN ARN No surprise!

  11. pk
    26 Nov 12
    10:39 am

  12. I reckon ARN should made Ant & Sammy Lukas the breakfast performers….

    love their drive show…

  13. Ex-ARN Staffer
    26 Nov 12
    11:51 am

  14. Nothing surprises about ARN – when Sammy Power was sacked it dragged the station down – then they would appoint celebrity announcers but not spend the marketing dollars to support. Claire Hooper is not funny – she rode on the coat tails of Paul McDermott and Mikey Robbins for Channel 10.

  15. lisa
    11 Dec 12
    1:21 am

  16. yes bring back sammy power and jason…they where great