Classic Rock rebrand repositions network again

New branding for Sydney

New branding for Melbourne

Previous branding of Classic Rock

DMG’s second mini radio network Classic Rock has quietly completed a rebrand which has seen them relabled as Sydney’s 95.3 FM  and Melbourne’s 91.5FM.

This is the second major repositioning since DMG axed Vega in March last year and relaunched it as Classic Rock. The network’s new slogan is “Classic songs. Classic rock.”

Group programme director Paul Jackson told Mumbrella that the on air repositioning began some time ago. Today’s ratings survey is the first which has seen the stations appear as Sydney’s 95.3FM and Melbourne’s 91.5FM rather than Classic Rock.  

Jackson joined the network after the launch of Classic Rock. He had extensive experience working with similar successful formats including Virgin radio and the Capital Radio group in the UK.

He told Mumbrella that the new stations are now closer to where he feels they need to be. He said: “We’re crossing that line as we speak. In my mind I can hear the final product and I can hear how it will sound. We’ve had to reset a lot of things this year.”

In today’s ratings, the Sydney station’s weekday share was up slightly from 3.3% to 3.6%, while in Melbourne it was down from 4.4% to 3.6%.



  1. Rock of the 80s
    9 Aug 11
    11:47 am

  2. The new logo is fantastic.
    Right up there with the 2SM / 3XY record in demin or the original Triple M logo with Dr Dan.

  3. Anonymous
    9 Aug 11
    11:52 am

  4. i think the work-experience kid must have designed this version. Under-promise and under-deliver.

  5. JDB
    9 Aug 11
    12:25 pm

  6. So is digital radio dead then?

    I guess that a station name that was clearly identifiable on Digital Radio was seen as a too big of a negative.

  7. Mojo ain't workin'
    9 Aug 11
    1:27 pm

  8. “In my mind I can hear the final product…” No, they’re voices that you shouldn’t be listening to. What a silly change, from something decent to something shit. But at least it now matches the on-air sound.

  9. Gav
    9 Aug 11
    3:54 pm

  10. It’s the best radio station in Sydney… well, it’s like a lesson in classic rock anyway. I’m learning some stuff I missed in my childhood.

    Crap rebranding though, I liked saying I tuned the radio at work to classic rock in a work of subversion against pop. If I say I’ve tuned it to 95.3, no-one will give a rats. “What station is that? Oh, it’s…
    a) 95.3
    b) Classic Rock
    c) 95.3 Classic Rock Classic Songs”

    Which makes more sense?

  11. Anonymous
    9 Aug 11
    9:57 pm

  12. Aren’t analogue signals being switched off in a few years? Good time to make your brand just the number on the dial… This is a classic case of an old school programmer leading a brand change – ‘Make sure people know the frequency!’