Clemenger BBDO’s Australia Post Video Stamp wins Creative Showcase 8.4

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne has followed up its IAB Australia’s Creative Showcase 8.3 win with another with its Australia Post Video Stamp campaign named the winner of showcase 8.4

The campaign beat out Initiative’s Kia Game On campaign, with The Monkey’s awarded third place with its The Convertible Challenge campaign.

Mike Zeederberg, managing director of Zuni and Creative Showcase’s chair of judges said in a statement: “This month’s finalists and winner epitomise the ‘Trends lists’ for 2014 – integration of the physical and digital, the internet of things (turning your phone into a tennis racket). They’ve even resurrected the much maligned QR code and given it a whole new purpose with a great creative idea. It is a great selection of creative innovation delivering business results.”

Clemenger BBDO’s campaign reinvented the postage stamp by allowing consumers to upload a tailored video message and attach it to a QR code stamp, allowing the recipient to watch the video when opening the parcel.

The campaign was launched by Australia Post around Christmas.

Initiative’s Kia Game On campaign gave tennis fans the chance to experience what it felt like to be in the firing line against the world’s fastest server, using their phones as tennis racquets, synching with the TV broadcast.

The app was downloaded 194,000 times and played in more than 100 countries. It managed to reach number one in the iTunes download charts.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 11.59.15 AMIn third place was The Monkeys’ The Convertible Challenge which invited people to creatively think of their dream two-in-one product to highlight Intel’s new laptop and tablet in one, Intel Ultrabook Convertible.

Entries were submitted on a Facebook app that generated customised graphics of the products. The campaign resulted in a 200 per cent increase in sales of Ultrabook Convertibles for Intel and saw over 10,000 ideas submitted to the competition and over 91,000 Facebook interactions.

The bi-monthly IAB Creative Showcase competition series, which is sponsored by Innovid, accepts entries for work completed in the two months prior to close of judging for each round and only one campaign per agency is allowed. The winning entries are showcased on the IAB website.


  1. Col Burns
    11 Feb 14
    8:17 pm

  2. It’s unfortunate that APs CEO (farour) didn’t see fit to put the money he spent on the digital stamp into paying privately owned Licensed Post Offices for the work they do for AP but don’t get paid for…!!!

  3. Prediction
    11 Feb 14
    9:54 pm

  4. Video Stamp is going to clean up this year. Interesting to see where Australia Post take it next

  5. The Mongoose
    12 Feb 14
    9:30 am

  6. We all know where Aust Post will take it next. The App. assisting the Video Stamp is simply a back door way to get users to switch over to the “Digital Mailbox”. That’s what this is all about. And in five years time and you say “where’s the PostOffice gone”
    We’ll all know and Mr. FAR-Q will have taken his bonuses and be gone too !!!!!!

  7. Col Burns
    12 Feb 14
    11:16 am

  8. Spot on the mongoose…and then those using the digital mailbox will be “introduced” to a $100pa fee for the privilege of using it. Too late to change back then as the Post Offices will be closed. AP’s then comment “Gotcha..cough up!!”

  9. YouTube
    12 Feb 14
    12:27 pm

  10. this smells of creative agency pushing an award agenda rather than effectiveness for clients.
    I used this and thought it was useless and clunky. why not just use YouTube?