Clems Sydney launches fast turn-around unit

Pontin: every big ad agency needs a low-cost option

Ad agency Clemenger BBDO Sydney has launched a specialist unit to turn around work quickly.

The unit begins life with eight staff, and will service clients with increasingly large retail demands such as Mitsubishi, Virgin Australia, Hungry Jack’s and Foxtel.

Though a dedicated unit, it will not be branded and the intention is not to win more retail business off the back of it, Clems boss Andy Pontin told Mumbrella.

“You can’t be a big agency without being efficient at fast turn-around work,” he said. “We have a number of big brand clients who need large volumes of hard-working retail advertising. Much like an airline, an agency needs a low cost carrier model. You need to be able to cater for both ends of the advertising spectrum.”

Pontin said he reckoned the unit could be expanded to 20-25 people within the next six-eight months, in line with increasing demand.

“There’s no point putting every piece work through a Rolls Royce production process, which tends to clog up the system. We saw the need to process work in a faster, more efficient way,” he added.

Rival BMF took a similar approach for key retail client Aldi in May this year, setting up a dedicated photography studio.


  1. Louis
    17 Aug 12
    3:22 pm

  2. The smartest thing a big agency can do. If its one thing clients hate when dealing with big agencies, it’s having some mid-weight creative being difficult about a pointer-ad and taking 1 week to turn it around – then being charged for an ‘idea’.

    It’s no wonder larger clients employ a two-tier approach. More big agencies would find they stopped losing alot of work, and rather picked up more business if they took the same approach.

    Medibank recently consolidated all their work (from GPYR & BoilerRoom) and gave it to Wybins…interested to see how that’s working for them.

  3. Liam
    17 Aug 12
    7:47 pm

  4. Very smart idea!

  5. clive burcham
    17 Aug 12
    9:28 pm

  6. good move…..nipp’n