Coca-Cola to launch ‘Share a Coke and a Song’ during AFL grand final

Coke is to unveil the above the line component of a new music-based campaign during Saturday’s AFL grand final.

An extension of last year’s successful ‘share a coke’ campaign, the 30-second commercial for ‘Share a Coke and a Song’ follows a young girl at a music festival as she’s lifted above the crowd to view the act on stage. The ad finishes with the tagline ‘every moment has a song’.

The campaign is being led by Host rather than Ogilvy, which handled last year’s award-winning Share a Coke campaign.

After the grand final, the campaign will run across both free-to-air and subscription TV as well as three out-of home executions.

Coke will also sponsor the X Factor with in-program elements and ads with branded content going out across music channels Max, Channel V, and MTV.

As Mumbrella previously reported, the campaign will include a partnership with Universal music and integration with a Spotify app to share music and a memory across social media.

Lucie Austin, marketing director for Coke South Pacific said: “As we expected, music has a tremendous power for connecting people. Since product began appearing on shelf across the country in mid Sept we’re seeing some great conversation on how music is linked to memorable moments.”


  1. derrick
    28 Sep 12
    11:57 am

  2. looks like they’ve gone for FB only interface, which looks a bit odd if not on FB

    i cant get it to work either – wont share

    good idea though – if people liked a can with their name on it, the same people will prob love a song with their name it

    how come ogilvy got overlooked?