Commonwealth Bank launches new campaign to celebrate 100 years

Commonwealth Bank has launched a new ad campaign to celebrate its centenary year.

The campaign aims to highlight what the bank has achieved in the past century and also engage consumers to share their aspirations for the next 100 years on Facebook, Twitter and at the campaign website   

The ads showcase events in Australia from the past 100 years including the battle of Gallipoli, Victorian bushfires and national sporting triumphs.

Andy Lark, chief marketing and online officer said: “As Australia’s favourite bank we’ve played an integral role in the evolution of commerce and communities. Today we are celebrating thatcontribution and saying thanks to the millions of customers and thousands of employees – past and present – that have made this possible. What you see today is the huge sense of pride we have in being invited into our customers’ lives and in making a difference in their communities.”

The campaign was developed by Goodby Silverstein and Partners with The White Agency responsible for the digital activity.

The creative will run across print from October 23 and social media, TV and digital media starting on Sunday.


  • Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
  • Director: Michael Spiccia
  • Executive Producer (TV): Chris Moore
  • Production (TV): Goodoil Films
  • Music/Audio: Song Zu (Sydney) and Beacon Street (LA)
  • Post Production: Fin Design (Australia)
  • Director of Photography: Russel Boyd (Oscar winning Australian)
  • Media: Ikon
  • Digital: The White Agency


  1. TC
    30 Sep 11
    11:48 am

  2. Heritage ads – when you’ve got nothing worthwhile to say.

  3. WTF
    30 Sep 11
    11:54 am

  4. “..I am Australian…with an American ad agency…”

  5. Notmyrealname
    30 Sep 11
    12:55 pm

  6. Goosebumps all round. Nice job. Which bank is it for again?

  7. Oz Made
    30 Sep 11
    2:11 pm

  8. shame there’s probably a good $1m in Aussie dollars going to the seppo’s to make this

  9. Come in Spinner
    30 Sep 11
    2:52 pm

  10. Looks expensive and beautifully crafted.

    Beautifully shot by Russel Boyd.

    I miss ads like these that just make you feel good, without any stunty, cynical, flavour-of-the-month social media add-on crapola.

    Nice work.

  11. Yawn
    30 Sep 11
    3:41 pm

  12. You can go on about the whole American agency thing blah blah…..the bigger issue is that it’s just not a very good ad. Expensive production trying to dress up a poorly written, clunky script.

  13. Ann
    30 Sep 11
    3:46 pm

  14. I just prefer better interest rates on deposit accounts

  15. Punter
    30 Sep 11
    10:28 pm

  16. So CBA looked on while a load of stuff happened? I reckon this will do the sum total of nothing. Beautiful piece of film but I don’t think the average punter will care. The VoiceOver is so badly written. The last line jolts with presumption.

  17. If you haven't got anything nice to say.....
    1 Oct 11
    5:20 am

  18. Epic like – and a really nice treatment of the contribution that Commonwealth Bank has made. Can’t believe there are still these moaners about Goodby. After all he (personally was the keynote at Award) and Erik Vervroegen was asked to be Chair of judges – they can’t be all that bad!. But even more perplexing – who are all these ‘Australian’ agencies – Saatchi, Leo, Mojo, Euro, Host all French; GPYR, O&M, JWT, Grey all British (well except for the STW part ownership of some); Clemenger, DDB, TBWA, McCann all yank owned. Oh, I guess there’s the Photon mob (BWM and BMF) and Monkeys, so a few Aussie shops still around!

  19. nickatnights
    1 Oct 11
    7:40 am

  20. An untterly depressing ad.

  21. Nat
    3 Oct 11
    1:23 pm

  22. i hate it. I hate that a bank is trying to leverage my patriotism. Jerks.

  23. Nick
    6 Oct 11
    2:03 pm

  24. Looks like a view of Aussie history taken from John Howard’s high school history textbook. How wonderfully white and colonial we are. Determined to be a conservative cliche?

  25. Adam James
    6 Oct 11
    11:06 pm

  26. what is australian exactly? personally i feel that this commercial is depicting exactly what the bank has been part of building. They are not at all trying to show anything else. Be it directly or indirectly they were part of the australian foundation. I love the music, meaning and production of the whole ad. Well done.

  27. Adam James
    6 Oct 11
    11:19 pm

  28. PS. The script is a tad poorly written but it has the fundamentals. @Nick… Australian history be it good, bad or indifferent it is all part of who we are today. TV commercials like this are here to remind us of our strength & unity through hard times and seeing love in the small things. Being wonderfully white and colonial has nothing to do with it. CBA is celebrating 100 years… if my maths is right Australia is a lot older than that and the CBA was not even there!