Commonwealth Bank launches online game for school kids

The Commonwealth Bank has launched an animated online game aimed at teaching primary school children how to manage their money.

Coinland, created by The White Agency, lets kids create an avatar to represents them in the game. They are guided by the character, Platy, who shows them how their actions impact on their savings goals.

It includes some social media aspects, allowing users to connect with friends by adding other players to their buddy list via safe chat using pre-defined messages.

The Bank’s saving ‘superheroes’, the Dollarmites, also interact with players to help them manage their money. Other characters include Mr Save-a-lot and Gobbler – Platy’s nemesis – who entices them to spend.

Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress in the game through regular email updates from the bank.

Mark Murray, Commonwealth Bank GM consumer marketing, said the interactive game will aim to reinforce its School Banking and StartSmart programs, by focusing on the importance of earning money and setting saving goals.

Murray said: “The once simple lessons of personal finance have grown more complex, and the ways children learn has evolved. So with this in mind we have created Coinland which reinforces the principles of saving taught in the classroom through our School Banking and StartSmart programs. Coinland teaches children in a format they can easily relate to and have fun along the way.”

The bank said its goal is to “improve the”financial literacy of one million Australian kids by 2015” through its initiatives.


  1. Matthew Delprado
    15 Apr 10
    4:38 pm

  2. Love that they wen’t with Platy, even after the Platy-bank ad.

    This looks like some great work, nice job White.

  3. Knotty
    15 Apr 10
    4:39 pm

  4. Wow, some pretty tidy work there. Congratulations.

    Would love to play more but I have some work to do.

  5. stuart sheridan
    15 Apr 10
    10:14 pm

  6. Hat tip to the White Agency: hope this gets the audience it deserves and the awards it should surely clean up.

  7. Sarah
    16 Apr 10
    2:20 am

  8. Looks pretty neat, but my kid tried it and he still prefers the current educational game that he is playing – Wiglington and Wenks.

  9. Rog
    16 Apr 10
    7:10 am

  10. Really cool app, wouldn’t have been cheap either!

  11. ralphy
    16 Apr 10
    7:44 am

  12. Really good. The kids will love it. Nice work.

  13. Chris G
    16 Apr 10
    11:01 am

  14. Nice work, good to see banks investing in games.

  15. Anonymous
    16 Apr 10
    11:02 am

  16. Nice…but why don’t you starting paying school kids some interst on their savings account.

  17. Lachyw
    16 Apr 10
    6:17 pm

  18. @Anonymous

    Didn’t you see that kid in the first video, he was practically frothing at the mouth because he had 60 bucks!

    Can’t have all those riches going to their heads! 😉

  19. marc
    16 Apr 10
    6:21 pm

  20. is ‘splashing rabbits’ a euphamism i haven’t been introduced to yet?

  21. Marl murray
    16 Apr 10
    11:06 pm

  22. Good to see the agency staff commenting on their work.

    Personaly think the bank should have spent the 100k Or whatever the expensive animation cost on a real living teacher, you know teaching actual maths and literacy, Just a thought for next time. Not too sure about the chat rooms…peadophils written all over that… Still think it’s a good idea?

  23. Tobe
    20 Apr 10
    9:24 am

  24. There should be a site called ConLand too. That’s where all the budding little thieves can hang out and interact with high level bank staff, I mean crims. I’ll pass that by my 10 year old, see what he thinks.

  25. marcus
    9 May 10
    12:27 pm

  26. i would like to see how we save and work for a alowens