Creative duo designs posters to raise awareness of mental health among young men

mental health campaign

Creative team Modpodcreative has devised a series of posters promoting a better understanding of mental health issues in young men.

The duo, Nicola St John and Ben Posetti, created the work for the Positive Posters competition.

St John and Posetti work as freelancers.

St John told Mumbrella: “While we have no plans to seek a client for this work, we’d be really happy if an organisation was interested in using it.”

According to a statement on the team’s website, the work “represents a physical manifestation of mental illness that cannot always be seen and is therefore not discussed. The first step is to start talking”.

mental health


  1. Schloog
    11 Jul 12
    3:01 pm

  2. Great work guys. Hope the conversation goes global…

  3. MattP
    11 Jul 12
    3:44 pm

  4. Exceptional work representing a challenging and difficult topic.

  5. Puzzled
    11 Jul 12
    8:07 pm

  6. Positive posters is a great project. I fully support it. I am curious though… is this some sort of spriuking for the above designers? Do they know someone over at Mumbrella who offered a bit of airtime?

    This isn’t client paid work, I dont think they’re students?, Im a little puzzled. Would this not be better served on creative or aus infront?

  7. Jessica
    12 Jul 12
    2:33 am

  8. What beautiful work. I wonder could it fit into the conversation for next year’s RU OK? day?

  9. Ben
    12 Jul 12
    5:05 am

  10. We are super happy to see the work getting some coverage. As far as I’m aware Mumbrella picked it up from a tweet by ReachOut! a few days ago and they liked it and contacted us. We originally did the work just as a creative exercise for Positive Posters late last year.

  11. fanniefuturist
    12 Jul 12
    2:44 pm

  12. bweautiful art direction