Crikey searches for new editor

Crikey editor Sophie Black

Crikey is looking for a new editor.

Current editor Sophie Black is leaving the publication to have a baby. She plans to return in a year, but not full time.

Amanda Gome, CEO of Private Media, the publisher of Crikey, told Mumbrella she was looking for an editor “to take the publication to the next level”.

An ad on Crikey describes the position as “one of the most creative roles in Australian journalism”.

“Sophie has done a fabulous job. Subscriptions and advertising have grown. Crikey is commercial stable. We’re profitable, but not massively profitable. We’re looking for an editor to take us to the next level,” Gome said.

Subscriptions for the site are up 11% year on year, while ad revenue has climbed by 22%, according to Gome. “We are proof that paywalls work,” she said.

The 12 year-old website is about to undergo a redesign to “contemporise” the site and more clearly define its various sections and the popular Power Index feature, Gome added.

Private Media has also bought two new servers in a bid to reduce Crikey’s down time.


  1. Jack B. Nimble
    20 Mar 12
    4:25 pm

  2. I always read a comment like “take us to the next level” as a backhander to the just-departed editor, as if they were not capable of taking it to that level, as if the publication just stayed put, went nowhere – or is that just my inferiority complex speaking? 😛

  3. Lovelace
    20 Mar 12
    5:25 pm

  4. Spotted Jack. Personally, I wondered whether they had an editor. Certainly could do with one to get to that next level.

  5. Ann
    21 Mar 12
    8:08 am

  6. It has come a long way since being a shareholder activist site, what back in the 90’s

  7. Bill Posters
    21 Mar 12
    9:07 am

  8. Duties include being perky and earnest.

  9. CC
    21 Mar 12
    9:15 am

  10. Hopefully the decision to put half a story in the email and then a “Read the full story on our website”, will be changed.

    It sucks to have to click the link, then get a login screen, find your password, then see there is only one more paragraph to read. All so they get a couple of banner impressions. Why not just include it all in the email, which we pay for? Or at least make it so the link in the email, logs in automatically. I’d rather more ads in the email. And what about people whose work firewall has blocked crikey? There must be at least a few.

    The content is still good, but these days there are alternatives. I’m seriously considering whether to renew this time..

  11. Logic
    21 Mar 12
    10:50 am

  12. this would be a tough job.

  13. sarah edwardes
    21 Mar 12
    11:09 am

  14. Mayne used up all his contacts and then sold it. It’s been nothing much since and is showing the signs of having no direction and no resources.

  15. Andrew McMillen
    21 Mar 12
    11:12 am

  16. I agree with CC about the ‘read the full story on our website’ annoyance. I’d much rather have everything there on one screen.

    I’ve been a subscriber since Christmas 2010. I think it’s gradually improved since that time. I look forward to reading it over lunch each day. Great publication.

    Best of luck to Sophie, and her successor!

  17. Devil's advocaat
    21 Mar 12
    11:32 am

  18. “Private Media has also bought two new servers in a bid to reduce Crikey’s down time.”

    Weird comment to include. Who on earth buys servers these days when you could just auto-scale on AWS or similar cloud based systems.

    If I was an investor, I would find that comment very worrying.

  19. Frank Ernest
    21 Mar 12
    5:34 pm

  20. I hear they have been havin major problems with their back end. Being hacked all the time.