Dare Iced Coffee buys entire ad break on Nine for content series

Lion’s Dare Iced Coffee has taken over an entire ad break on Nine, with a branded content piece featuring comedian Ryan Shelton.

The 13-week campaign, which breaks tomorrow, will involve TV, radio and online, and aims to get consumers to upload their own everday dilemmas on the Dare Facebook page for the chance to win $30,000 and have their problem fixed on national TV.

“This campaign is a great example of real collaboration between the Dare Brand team at Lion, Starcom and MCM Media; and Ryan was the perfect creative to bring to life the concept,” said MCM group content director Sam Thompson.


Client – Jessica Severin, Brand Manager Dare Iced Coffee

Production and Creative – MCM Media and Ryan Shelton

Media – Starcom MediaVest Group


  1. Nat
    16 Apr 12
    1:08 pm

  2. I thought it was funny but im not sure its Branded Content if you buy an ad break. Isnt it just one long ad? I may be wrong.

  3. jumpshot
    16 Apr 12
    2:23 pm

  4. Definitely entertaining, and great to see brands experimenting with different formats and lengths beyond the 30″ TVC.

    Although, I tend to agree with Nat, it does feel a little like a long ad and the fact that it sits where you would normally watch ads, doesn’t really bring it into the editorial space that brand content can unlock.

    However, it’s good fun, and I hope it does well!

  5. nickatnights
    16 Apr 12
    2:33 pm

  6. McDonalds bought an entire program on Channel 7 a few weeks ago. An ad break is nothing!

  7. Old style
    16 Apr 12
    3:14 pm

  8. Well done Jess, great branding style & tone. Enjoyed it & will buy a Dare some day soon.

  9. JJ
    16 Apr 12
    3:43 pm

  10. It’s just a long ad

  11. Pedro
    16 Apr 12
    4:02 pm

  12. Hilarious, a fantastic idea.