Navy pushes submarine jobs with ‘The Deep Elite’

deep elite logoDefence Jobs Australia has kicked off a new  recruitment campaign for the Navy ‘s “Deep Elite” submarine team produced by GYPY&R, aimed at highlighting the exclusive nature of the job.

The video ads, which all end with slogan “Only a select few wear this badge, will you be one of them?”, aim to attract viewers to the complementary website.

The videos depict a montage of life as one of the “Deep Elite”, along with footage of  submarines rising from the depths of the ocean. The site offers information on life with the Navy including pay and benefits, training, jobs available and technology.

Viewers can take a guided video tour of a submarine, HMAS Collins, and view an animation which allows viewers to experience scenarios that aim to provide a typical at-sea experience.

Miranda Ward


  1. Anon
    27 Aug 13
    10:00 am

  2. Working as a journo I spent a week at sea on one of the Collins subs. My hats off to these guys, it’s one bloody tough working environment and they deserve the big $$$ they get. But you have to be ‘right’ in the head to be a submariner as mentally it can crush you – the claustrophobia, the smell, the 12-hour days, never showering, sharing a bed… Plus the constant dread that if something goes wrong you’ll sink to the bottom never to be heard from again. It’s certainly a career for a very select few.

  3. cr
    27 Aug 13
    2:56 pm

  4. No where to run, no where to hide. Confined, deep, dark and alone. Electric. Exciting. Where lifelong friendships are forged. Secrets kept.

  5. Genuine respect
    27 Aug 13
    4:19 pm

  6. As the son of a navy man, I can only tell you what my father has always told me:
    “The submariners are the best of the best”.

  7. Ex-reader
    27 Aug 13
    5:00 pm

  8. Nobody signing up, eh?

    Defence recruitment must be one of the toughest gigs going.

  9. Tim
    28 Aug 13
    5:58 am

  10. “BEST OF THE BEST” Those who have served proud. We are the FIRST and
    the LAST line of Defense .