Dmg Radio makes Sydney GM Tim McDermott redundant

Tim McDermott

Dmg Radio Australia has made Sydney general manager Tim McDermott redundant.

The parting of ways with McDermott is effective immediately with a new structure for the Sydney office to be announced in early 2013.

McDermott was with dmg Radio since just January, coming from 2UE as general manager.

Group GM Louise Higgins said: “Our Sydney operations are unique and as such this change relates to our Sydney stations only. We would like to thank Tim McDermott for his service in this role and wish him well with his future endeavours.”

Higgins will temporarily take over the leadership role for Nova969 and Smoothfm95.3.


  1. The Internetz
    20 Nov 12
    5:40 pm

  2. Fairfax, News Ltd, Ten and now DMG. The media industry bloodbath continues.

  3. Geraldo
    20 Nov 12
    5:48 pm

  4. Sorry to hear about Tim. He is a good man and showed great courage in relaunching 2UE and SMOOTHFM. 2UE was killed by bad decisions up the chain at Fairfax before it even got going. Smooth will survive. All the best Derm

    20 Nov 12
    8:30 pm

  6. I know Tim from his ARN days and he’s a good bloke and a good people person. However, even good people get the DCM in the media. I wish Tim all the best with the next adventure, in or out of the media.

  7. Tom
    21 Nov 12
    6:42 am

  8. A real shame for the industry. Tim is a great guy with a huge amount of experience and a genuine passion for Radio

  9. Observer
    21 Nov 12
    12:10 pm

  10. David Borean and now Tim McDermott…. 2 really smart and decent guys…. both worked with Cathy back in the Austereo days… now ex employee’s and ex friends!…. So the Sydney station is different and does not need a GM? With the Group Executive running the show and firing bullets , what chance would anyone have in that role. Wish Tim well, imagine he is glad to be out of a very untenable environment. It will be interesting to see how they position the role next time around…. good luck to the next person, they will need it…. TIP: suck up to the Group Executive every day , get in to the inner sanctum and you might have a chance to survive! HMMM!

  11. Hmmmm!
    21 Nov 12
    12:44 pm

  12. Radio – an unpleasant environment 98% of the time

  13. geoff hill
    21 Nov 12
    1:05 pm

  14. DMG management made a decision to make Tim redundant, which in itself is a great shame. Tim is a passionate and highly experienced operator and having sold against him you know Tim was in town.He will lob as good people always do Geoff

  15. Amused
    21 Nov 12
    2:09 pm

  16. The dysfunctional dmg group executive strike again….and of course, they continue to survive. What a joke, what a laughing stock. So much blood letting, so much pointing of fingers & now for the new strategy……no Sydney GM required. That’ll fix it! A fish rots from the head…….

  17. Monty
    21 Nov 12
    2:13 pm

  18. You’ve lost a good man there DMG. Best of luck Tim. Not that you’ll need much.

  19. Jimbo
    21 Nov 12
    2:49 pm

  20. Jeez amused. You need a Bex and a good lie down. Welcome to media. Seems DMG are one of the fastest movers in media so they must be doing something right!

  21. GetReal
    21 Nov 12
    6:16 pm

  22. There used to be the sardines and the sharks in the radio ecosystem and everything was balanced…… then one day the sharks turned on each other. Its not just DMG but industry wide. What used to be a wonderful industry has become a cess pit of paranoia, back-stabbing, fear, intimidation and ultimately, under-performance.

    Good luck for the future Tim, you’re better off out of there!

  23. SKA
    22 Nov 12
    9:11 am

  24. Agree with observer.
    3 good ex Austereo ppl. Seems there is a problem with top leadership – not the managers they are hiring.
    All of these people were excellent operators.
    Makes us clients very concerned about doing business with DMG. Business is about partnerships and the people they have parted with were our partners (not the DMG name).

  25. spin doctor
    22 Nov 12
    10:45 am

  26. ” Never more than 2 GM redundancies in a row” could be the new tag line for the sydney office at DMG….. although would probably die a death like” never more than 2 ads in a row”

  27. Chris Burgess
    29 Nov 12
    8:12 pm

  28. Tim may not need radio but radio certainly needs Tim(s). Come back soon Tim and help Radio prosper by, among other things, getting rid of deadwood at the top.