DMG’s ShopperNova mobile app aims to link shoppers to outlets

DMG Radio has entered the location-based mobile arena by launching a new app called ShopperNova.

The app lets users find out what shopping deals and retail promos are nearby their current location.

Rebekah Horne, DMG’s chief digital officer said: “Combining the location services of the smartphone and power of broadcast radio, we will have a very compelling offer for both our clients and audience alike.”

A free app, ShopperNova aims to capitalise on Nova’s 18-39 targeted listenership with deals able to be shared on social media and provide an advertising opportunity for sales clients.

Horne said: “For the first time we are going to see the ability for clients to highlight an in-store offer on air, and then follow it through to the point of purchase with a location based app.”

The location-based technology was developed by Sydney mobile agency Creative Licence Digital, the founders of QuickerFeet, on which the concept for ShopperNova was based.

Darren Winterford, director of Creative Licence Digital, said: “Smartphone use in this country has exploded. Each month almost 2% of the population buy a smartphone, and as competition with online heats up, the app will prove itself to be the powerful weapon that retail has been looking for to attract shoppers and drive them into store. Combining it with leading radio will further increase its power.”

The launch comes the day after Google released a survey revealing smartphone penetration in Australia is now at 52%, and that 24% of Australians take their phones with them when shopping to research products. However, 22% of them change their minds while in-store.


  1. Michael
    17 May 12
    4:46 pm

  2. Quite good, but the idea is already live and working in Singapore with location-based mall-centric mobile shopping and integrated mobile commerce, take a look at Sprooki, started by a couple of Australian entrepreneurs based in Asia, coming to Australia soon…

  3. Brendan
    18 May 12
    4:02 pm

  4. Again good idea but already in Australia. Chirp Deals (based in WA) is already saving thousand of users money with unique deals to their local Restaurants, Clothing, Cinemas and more. Customers redeem deals in-store making sure merchants keep 100% of the profits. Will be expanding throughout the rest or Australia within the year.

  5. Beck and Call
    18 May 12
    10:11 pm

  6. Hey Michael and Brendan. Good points you both raise but last time I looked Sprooki and Chirp Deals weren’t the creation of a big broadcast business like dmg who clearly have the ability to drive customer acquisition beyond what a small digital start up could……

  7. D
    19 May 12
    1:45 am

  8. Cant find it on the app store

  9. Michael
    20 May 12
    3:19 pm

  10. @beck& call: Good point, DMG have created the ShopperNova brand, but the underlying app is not theirs, it’s white-labeled tech they have licenced from a small digital agency.

    Large media companies surely have the reach to drive downloads using their media assets, and DMG will no doubt do well, however history over the past fifteen years (both locally and globally) consistently shows it will be entrepreneurial businesses that may start small that will capture segment leadership positions by driving the innovative business models and tech solutions that the market is looking for.

    Given the opportunity that mobile commerce and proximity marketing provide to help the retail sector harness the power of the mobile Internet to drive consumers back into stores, I’d suggest it’s unlikely that a media company who is primarily concerned with selling ads will have the focus to really meet the needs of retailers, which will require business, marketing and technology solutions in an integrated strategy. This is what a company like Sprooki is doing for major mall operators and multi-brand/outlet retailers in Asia. Watch out for an announcement from a major Australian public company with malls in Asia in the next month…