Doug Pitt thanks Virgin Mobile for making him a star

Doug Pitt, Brad’s brother, thanks Virgin Mobile for giving him a ‘Fair Go Bro’ with the lead role in their ads in the latest outing created by Euro RSCG.

The campaign’s PR was handled by Havas sibling One Green Bean.


  1. Sally
    10 Aug 12
    8:12 pm

  2. I’m surprised Doug isn’t an actor too.

    He’s good looking if not as good looking as his bro.

    And with a star brother he should have no problem getting casting calls..

    Sort of like Matt Dillon’s bro Kevin playing Johnny Drama in Entourage.

  3. Jake
    13 Aug 12
    8:56 am

  4. Some of the copy doesn’t hold up in the ads, like Pitt claiming he can ‘roll over his unused credit’ even though he clearly doesn’t live in Aus and therefore is not a customer.

    I realise that’s just part of the limitations of using a celebrity for endorsement but still, couldn’t they have gotten one of Hugh Jackman’s siblings?

  5. Tash
    13 Aug 12
    3:13 pm

  6. This has been one of my favorite campaigns!! It all worked so well together and honestly made me look into the Virgin mobile offers, which doesn’t always happen when a heap of money is pumped into an ad!

  7. Jeremy
    24 Aug 12
    12:35 pm

  8. Creatively, great follow up from July.

    Though, still scratching my head as to how Virgin Mobile are giving bros a fair go? Unlimited text Virgin-to-Virgin, rollover credits, free voicemail? I’d be more convinced if they communicated that they’re giving it a ‘fair go’ rather than giving me a fair go (Do I need a fair go? Are our bros with Telstra the Brad Pitt’s in the world?). I’d assume Virgin is the Doug Pitt in the industry, not us.

    *head scratch over*

  9. Paul
    24 Aug 12
    5:11 pm

  10. I think it’s pretty simple Jeremy. ‘Unlike my brother I’ve neer been the star of anything. Virgin mobile didn’t think that was fair, so they made me the star of their ads’. A fair go for all.

  11. Jeremy
    25 Aug 12
    9:02 am

  12. Paul – Would you give Virgin Mobile a go?