DTDigital is one of Australia’s better digital agencies, although today it appeared to be struggling with its mastery of Twitter.

Thankfully WPP, which bought a big chunk of DTDigital back in January, is known for its good sense of humour.


  1. Alex
    23 Apr 12
    8:26 pm

  2. Damn iPhone autocorrect – it has changed ditto to dildo for me too…

  3. Woody
    24 Apr 12
    9:12 am

  4. Oh totes supa LOL to those cool dudes at DT.

  5. Jim
    24 Apr 12
    3:02 pm

  6. Well I’m certainly not having any luck buying a new ditto with my iphone…

  7. (C)
    24 Apr 12
    4:47 pm

  8. http://www.adnews.com.au/rankings/digital

    By ‘better digital agencies’ you mean 57th?

  9. BG
    24 Apr 12
    5:38 pm

  10. If you go by awards, then yes.

    What is it with some agencies? Awards look nice on the front desk for a while but who cares after a while. . Don’t you think it’s time to start not including winning awards in a campaign KPIs?

  11. Woody
    25 Apr 12
    7:26 pm

  12. theyd clean up in the dildo awards

  13. P Dildy
    26 Apr 12
    6:24 am

  14. Agree with BG, ad industry awards are the wankfest of the business, often including ads that don’t address a brief or have measurable ROI.

    I think awards should not be part of the ranking and more effort spent on some better metrics.

  15. Woody
    26 Apr 12
    11:35 am

  16. I wonder where BG and P Dildy work?

  17. P Dildy
    26 Apr 12
    11:45 am

  18. @Woody:
    I used to work in several ad agencies in the past, but not since 2010. A couple big award winning agencies too. I have friends and acquaintances who work in ad agencies still.

    I saw first hand the distraction from great work that concern over awards created, including posting an “ad” in a very limited manner in order to satisfy as a “real” ad, (even though everyone knows that’s as near a lie as you can get without lying…).

    I’d like Woody to show me who, other than ad-land peeps, really cares or places high value on awards over measurable, quantifiable, noticeable value to the commissioner.

  19. Deep Throat
    26 Apr 12
    3:44 pm

  20. What’s DTDildo done measurement wise that puts them ahead of the 56 agencies better than them here? They might even drop further down in a new poll.