Everybody Dance Now fails to recover

Everybody Dance Now Beat The Streets Team JasonTen’s struggling Everybody Dance Now failed to bounce back on Tuesday night despite the second outing of Big Brother failing to emulate its opening numbers for Nine.

Everybody Dance Now averaged 324,000, according to preliminary overnight metro ratings from OzTam. Although the number for the FremantleMedia-produced show was still a very low one, it was a slight improvement on Monday night’s 304,000. It was well behind Sunday’s debut of 598,000 though. Masterchef All Stars rated 788,000 for Ten.

The first episodes of Nine’s new US sitcom Anger Management, which is fronted by former Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen, rated 1.112m and 1.106m. Big Brother rated 1.327m, down slightly on Monday’s debut of 1.618m.

Seven’s drama Winners & Losers rated 941,000 while The Amazing Race Australia rated 896,000.

Nine won the night with 25.1% channel share with Seven on 21.1%. ABC1 was third on 12.7% with ten on 11% and SBS1 on 4.2%.

Tonight sees Ten and Nine go head-to-head on a different battleground. Puberty Blues and Class Of launch on Ten while Nine debuts the latest series of the Farmer Wants A Wife. Both will see competition from ABC1, which airs the last of its four Olympic-themed Gruen Sweat specials.

Tuesday’s top 15 shows
1. Seven News Seven – 1.333m
2. Big Brother Nine – 1.327m
3. Today Tonight Seven – 1.184m
4. Nine News Nine – 1.184m
5. Anger Management – Episode 1 Nine – 1.112m
6. Anger Management – Episode 2 Nine – 1.106m
7. The Big Bang Theory Nine – 1.074m
8. A Current Affair Nine – 1.043m
9. Home and Away Seven – 1.020m
10. ABC News ABC – 0.979m
11. Winners and Losers Seven – 0.941m
12. The Amazing Race Seven – 0.896m
13. Masterchef Ten – 0.788m
14. Ten News Ten – 0.687m
15. 7:30 ABC – 0.679m

Tuesday’s channel share
Nine: 25.1%
Seven: 21.1%
ABC1: 12.7%
Ten: 11.0%
SBS1: 4.2%
7TWO: 4.1%
7mate: 3.9%
Gem: 3.4%
GO!: 3.2%
Eleven: 3.0%
ABC2: 2.9%
One: 2.4%
SBS2: 1.4%
ABC3: 0.8%
ABC News 24: 0.8%


  1. georgie
    15 Aug 12
    11:20 am

  2. cba- i am here. “Class of” is not going to go anywhere. “Fwaw”(Farmer wants a wife) will rate.Seven needs to ramp it up on the lead up to the AFL GF.

  3. Andy
    15 Aug 12
    1:35 pm

  4. Seriously Ten!!!

    People have had enough of an umpteenth series of a “been done before”…..

    Stop stretching the elastic band of viewer tolerence and you might start to learn something. Even when you do run a series that is going to struggle, you give it the worst possible birth , up against the Olympics, I mean this is not rocket science

    Stop approching your business from P&L first to viewer last ie producing and buying the cheapest content and arrest this spiral of decline. I disagree with ‘you only need one’ (hit) ….you need much more consistency across the board. Reality shows are waning along with concentration spans what worked 5years ago does not now.

    as for FWAW …..I would not be surprised if that has done its dash as well, however due to the complete lack of competition, people will watch through lack of anything else

  5. zzzz
    15 Aug 12
    1:52 pm

  6. nobody dancing. nuff said.

  7. Matt
    15 Aug 12
    1:54 pm

  8. I could see this coming a MILE off.

    Whoever invented the show and built the concept was clearly lacking vision and an understanding of what actually creates exciting viewing.

    How is people dancing against each other in totally different styles exciting? Should have been people dancing off against each other and forced to shape a routine on the spot, with the other replying. More of a battle, less of a canned routine. This formula felt old. It felt tired and the hosts seemed to be faking it. The production was dodgy and made the voice look like a superstar show. Dull dull dull. Australia needs and wants another new dance show but this was a complete fail. I’ll send an idea to someone that people will actually enjoy!!

  9. cba
    15 Aug 12
    3:00 pm

  10. Georgie is back!!

  11. Nichols
    15 Aug 12
    3:10 pm

  12. Not surprising… but developing new content in Australia is very difficult and expensive so it is no wonder overseas formats are purchased – proven products so to speak… just not here! We have been working on a series of new concepts for over 3 years and yet can’t get any traction despite govt and sponsor support! They are snapped up in Asia where companies seem more prepared to ‘give things a go’.

  13. georgie
    15 Aug 12
    8:52 pm

  14. cba-what gives? The best dance show is “DWTS” and that didnt rate its socks off so what chance does other dance comps have?We are seeing an influx of reality shows. People critcised them when they first came on but now every show seems to be a reality show. thank god for foxtel where I can watch lifestyle food all day -even the repeats cba!!!

  15. josh
    21 Aug 12
    12:30 am

  16. Watch a bit of this when switching channel DAM it was a mess the flow was all wrong i just couldn’t watch anymore