Fertility clinic ad first in Australia to show woman giving birth

Sydney based fertility clinic Genea will today launch a powerful TV commercial featuring a woman giving birth to support the organisation’s rebranding from Sydney IVF.


The ad has been created by Rhodes Shapter and directed by Zia Mandviwalla from Curious Film in New Zealand. MEC is the media agency.

Creative director Dale Rhodes, Creative Director at Rhodes Shapter, said use of TV was unprecedented in the fertility category in Australia. “It is, to our knowledge, the first time a real birth has been shown as a commercial in Australia. High impact and totally relevant to the brand – birth and healthy babies is what Genea is all about.”

The TV campaign, running on Nine, Seven, 7Two, Go and Gem, will be backed with social media and DM activity.

Rhodes said: “Zia had a fantastic intuitive response to the script. She also had great experience in working with non-actors. We were able to find a mother who had had three previous uncomplicated births and was planning to use a birth centre, as this was ideal for filming.

“Zia built up a close rapport with the mother, father and midwife. We then flew to New Zealand a few days before the due date and waited for the labour. We shot on two cameras over a six-hour period.”

The ad is set to an original score by NZ composer Don McGlashan.

Media agency MEC is working on the campaign and the ad will run on channels  and online.


  1. Matt
    1 Sep 11
    11:55 am

  2. Awesome ad.

    Well done

  3. Jen
    1 Sep 11
    12:16 pm

  4. Very powerful & moving. Well done

  5. Trollolololo
    1 Sep 11
    12:26 pm

  6. Pretty sure Myer did something with a woman giving birth in the 1990s. It won awards for the positive portrayal of women in advertising. Although it was all actors, not real people. Saying that, this is better by a long shot.

  7. Conservative
    1 Sep 11
    12:35 pm

  8. If this ad doesn’t get banned I will lose all faith in the Ad Standards Board. It has a legitimate vag shot!!!! Even that Roger David ad only had a poorly photoshopped Union Jack in a girl’s mouth

  9. Peter Petrovski
    1 Sep 11
    12:42 pm

  10. Powerful.

  11. LuLu
    1 Sep 11
    12:58 pm

  12. Wow. Beautiful.

    (I wish someone made my labor look that good.)

  13. Allison
    1 Sep 11
    2:08 pm

  14. Just beautiful! In my eyes, the most powerful ad ever created!

  15. disapointed
    1 Sep 11
    2:23 pm

  16. More things we have to some how protect our children from viewing that arent at the age they should be having any comprehension to what is going on. Sometimes younger children are allowed up at a later time slot ie football night. The ad might be legitimate but it doesnt belong on tv.

  17. Moogles
    1 Sep 11
    2:26 pm

  18. Hey conservative at 12.35…. A vag shot!!!! Where do you think babies come from – the cabbage patch???????????????? *give yourself an uppercut*.

    A lovely add and done with class.

    1 Sep 11
    2:39 pm

  20. Well Dale, you clearly understand women and Zia is a great talent. You were the first to show a woman farting in the bath ( in the 90’s) for New Woman and now another first. Beautifully shot. It transported me. Thank you.

  21. kandy
    1 Sep 11
    2:47 pm

  22. amaaazing… it will certainly be talked about!! cue: mia freedman!

  23. truth bomb
    1 Sep 11
    3:06 pm

  24. This is not appropriate for TV, think of all the sickos who will get off to this

  25. Shark
    1 Sep 11
    3:16 pm

  26. Very surprised at some people’s reactions! Labour and birth is such a beautiful momentous occasion, why do we need to shelter our children from it?! Well done Genea on a beautiful and thought provoking advertisement!

  27. Deb Kerrison
    1 Sep 11
    3:35 pm

  28. I agree with all of you. It is truly a wonderful add, and I am sure ‘disappointed’, that the Aus broadcasting assoc with mandate where and when it can ve viewed.
    Nice to see something lovely, natural and perfectly normal , than most of the vulgar trash we see every night on TV.

  29. John Grono
    1 Sep 11
    3:49 pm

  30. Top marks.

  31. Brett Ramsey
    1 Sep 11
    4:00 pm

  32. Yeah,, Good Ad. Now watch someone ban it.
    Hello Neil, Neil, I’m not a prude but…

  33. GlendaSings
    1 Sep 11
    4:37 pm

  34. A stunning job of filming and presenting birth without showing anything untoward. To Conservative and others who complain – I watched the ad frame by frame after reading your comment, and I absolutely could not see a single thing that could be described as a ‘vag shot’. It was carefully framed by the woman’s legs and the hands and arms of those assisting in this birth.

    One of the problems we have these days is that the only birth that most women experience is when they give birth to their own children. Birth is a scary and mistifying experience. In years gone by, other women in the family attended all births, and girls were brought along to see and assist with birth when they reached puberty so that they understood the process and were prepared for the experience.

    How wonderful to be able to present childbirth to the masses in such a tasteful fashion. Bravo…or should that be, Brava!

  35. S
    1 Sep 11
    5:14 pm

  36. Be interested to know if they conceived via IVF. That seems to have been glossed over in the release.

  37. Anonymous
    1 Sep 11
    5:17 pm

  38. Sex sells.

  39. jess
    1 Sep 11
    5:19 pm

  40. This is stunning. Advertising at its best. Tears in eyes.

  41. Groucho
    1 Sep 11
    5:30 pm

  42. Absolutely fantastic.

    ‘ Disapointed’ @ 2:23 concentrate on protecting children from bad spelling, grammar, and punctuation and let them engage with real life.

  43. kate
    1 Sep 11
    5:34 pm

  44. Beautiful – really fantastically done – will make anyone struggling to have a baby cry – I know I just did.

    Are the comments above serious? This is in no way offensive, there is no ‘vag shot’,and if you hvan’t taught your children where babies come from this might be a good idea!

  45. Truth
    1 Sep 11
    5:34 pm

  46. @conservative you can’t make an ad without a product shot.

  47. surry hills
    1 Sep 11
    5:52 pm

  48. love this ad – its totally moving. conservative, you shuold pick up a biology book and have a quick read – everyone has seen one at some stage, so nothing new or shocking!

  49. Terry P.
    1 Sep 11
    6:07 pm

  50. Wonderful ad and haunting music, tastefully done have read some of the comments that some have said! What is wrong with you people there is nothing unnatural or sexual about it. In a lot of cultures children see this all the time. Good on you Genea well done and what a great job you all do there. Terry

  51. Tia1212
    1 Sep 11
    7:16 pm

  52. O.M.G.
    Stunning birth! Adored the baby’s fingers wrapping around the Dad’s hand.
    Genea, you really are world leaders in fertility.

  53. gg
    2 Sep 11
    10:19 am

  54. Sheesh Moogles & surry hills, I’m pretty sure Conservative knows where kids come from. Suggesting someone give themselves an upper cut? Grow up Moogles. People are going to disagree with you.

    I can’t believe how sappy this made you all.

  55. Anonymous 2
    2 Sep 11
    10:40 am

  56. Absolutely brilliant. So beautifully expressed I had tiers in my eyes, and I’m a bloke.
    If this ad doesn’t win all trophies and admiration of other professionals and public. I don’t know what.

  57. Nat
    2 Sep 11
    11:52 am

  58. Stunning. It was beautiful. Just lovely.

    Those who don’t like it on TV probably also disagree with women breastfeeding in public.

  59. Anonymous
    2 Sep 11
    12:13 pm

  60. sex cells

  61. midwife
    2 Sep 11
    1:54 pm

  62. Great to see natural and joyful birth being portrayed in the media – there should be more of it. Beautiful film.
    Strange how we can accept violence and blood thirsty scenes on TV all the time yet birth is seen as something to be censored….unless of course it is surgical or highly dramatic! Our women need more joyful images like this to show them that birth is not something to fear but to embrace

  63. Peter Rush
    2 Sep 11
    2:47 pm

  64. Fast forward 18 years. “I know that face…weren’t you the kid in that TV ad…(fingers clicking)…?

  65. KH
    3 Sep 11
    8:43 pm

  66. Fantastic. Congratulations to the RhodesShapter team!

  67. AS
    4 Sep 11
    6:53 pm

  68. This made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. Inappropriate for an ad .

  69. Daniel G
    6 Sep 11
    10:37 am

  70. The score-only soundtrack and the use of black and white make this ad much more… palatable. Imagine seeing all that in colour…

  71. Kim
    19 Sep 11
    2:05 am

  72. This is an amazing piece of work- so moving and incredibly beautifully done!

  73. Catherine
    22 Sep 11
    1:56 pm

  74. Wow!
    These people are SO lucky to have such a beautiful baby AND have it captured on film so beautifully…..what a keepsake!

    If you are offended by this you should be ashamed of yourself.

  75. jean cave
    27 Sep 11
    2:54 am

  76. I am weepy and I haven’t viewed it yet