Fertility company targets gay men as sperm donors

IVF tileFertility service IVF Australia is to launch an advertising campaign encouraging gay men to be sperm donors, and promoting its services to same lesbian couples looking to have children.

The campaign, which will include print, digital and radio, will run in media outlets allied to the Pink Media Group sales house.

The campaign asks for “healthy, intelligent & generous” donors.

Among the information available to prospective parents is the sexual orientation of a sperm donor.   

Prof Michael Chapman, senior fertility specialist at IVFAustralia, said that one reason for the campaign was because sperm donations are declining. He said: “We have more than 100 women looking for sperm donors in our clinics in New South Wales, and many have to wait more than six months for that donation. Between 2005 and 2008, the number of IVF cycles facilitated by donors decreased markedly, and anecdotally we believe the numbers have continued to decline since then.”

Ben Mulcahy, MD of Pink Media Group, said: “We are delighted to be assisting in creating lives. It is great to have IVFAustralia welcoming the gay & lesbian community.”

The ad promoting its services stresses that IVF Australia’s customers include single women and same sex couples.

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  1. Emma
    13 Mar 12
    10:02 pm

  2. This isnt about embracing the gay and lesbian community- its about making money. If they could get money by targeting men with blue and green spots they would do that instead. What they need to be doing is recognising WHY men arent donating through clinics. I support them! This practice does NOT meet the needs of the child. On the other hand child focused private sperm donation is becoming ever popular- over 550 sperm donors in Australia registered with FSDW. Over 4000 worldwide. Why? Because they want to be able to choose who will be raising their child, and to be contactable should the child want this. These men are donating for FREE, through AI (no sex) and undergoing private screening for STDs and HIV.
    Its time the press started reporting on the real story. And IVF Australia needs to start recognising that the CHILD’S rights should come first.

    The Child Listener- A Voice for Kids
    ‘Children Deserve to Know Where They Come From Campaign’

  3. Anonymous
    19 Mar 12
    1:29 am

  4. This isn’t about money, it’s about science ascending nature by managing nature and the global population numbers by ‘intervening’ in the process via their labs. It is to perfect their ‘society’ where only those selectively bred will in the short term provide the genes for successive slave generations who are incapable of either reproduction or natural human relations. Eugenics. We are virtually sterile; the sexual revolution is ending with virtual sexual stimulation and that will be it. Or else, group orgies and rituals filmed weekly where the ‘good’ slaves get their kicks or punishment for being ‘bad’.

  5. DaftAida
    19 Mar 12
    1:34 am

  6. Not money. Cultural/sociosexual revolution: Eugenics. Depopulation. Lab intervention of procreation. Genetic selection. Turn the people off hetero norms, turn them on to homosexual deviancy, steal hetero children and place with homo guardians, take sperm and egg from homo partners and for those who can afford it, buy a numan robot that’s ‘your’ child together, instead of a human being.

    This is an interim psychological step that is being taken to ensure those ends through these means.