First week of Ten’s Breakfast sees rivals increase audience

The first week of Ten’s new show Breakfast improved the network’s audience share from 3.89% to 6.36%, analysis of metro ratings data from OzTam suggests.

However, the early impact on rival shows on Seven and Nine has been minimal with the number of people watching commercial TV rising slightly, according to the analysis prepared by Fusion Strategy.

The data compares viewing for last week, Breakfast’s first full week on air, to the viewing patterns a fortnight previously.

Seven’s Sunrise saw its three-way share of the morning audience slip fractionally from 50.57% to 49.92%. At the same time its average number of viewers rose from 312,000 to 322,000.

For Nine, Today slipped from 45.54% to 43.72%, with average audience going from 281,000 to 282,000. Ten’s audience went from the 24,000 its cartoons were drawing to 41,000 – a rise of 70%.

Fusion’s Steve Allen said Breakfast’s ratings were “Not a bad start, a bit soft, and a long way to go.”

He added: “It needs about double this to be competitive.”

In the more advertiser-centric demographic of 16-54, Breakfast’s share was 6.81%.

breakfast ratings

Source: Fusion Strategy/ OzTam


  1. Andrew
    6 Mar 12
    12:21 pm

  2. Hi, has any one been noticing the promos are incorrect when Kath Robinson mentions she wants to laugh with Paul and ADAM??????? Its Andrew Isnt it? this is also being played on the austereo network.

  3. Josh Rea
    6 Mar 12
    1:42 pm

  4. I’ve reorganised my day to start later and finish later so I can watch Ten’s new breakfast show. Paul Henry is an absolute comical genius…

  5. paul
    6 Mar 12
    1:43 pm

  6. Sunrise also had a tough start too, it took them 2-3 years before they overtook the Today show

  7. paul
    6 Mar 12
    1:44 pm

  8. Of course back then, there was more patience by media buyers and also programmers at the networks

  9. Allan @ Brisbane
    7 Mar 12
    9:29 am

  10. I lasted 10mins before Paul Henry lost my viewing. Are Ten trying to play shock jock on TV.
    Find some morals & ethics Ten and sort out Mornings and The Circle. The behaviour of your TV hosts is nothing short of bullying.
    Take responsibility and sort it out.



  11. NickGC
    7 Mar 12
    2:09 pm

  12. @JoshRea I agree 100 percent! Paul Henry is the best thing ever to happen to Brekky TV in Australia!

  13. AreYouDeaf
    9 Mar 12
    10:48 pm

  14. @Andrew

    She is clearly saying “with Paul, and at him”. What possible reason would there be for her using the name “Adam”? Do you honestly think they would’ve let that ‘error’ through?

  15. Rushdie
    13 Mar 12
    6:49 pm

  16. Paul Henry won’t last. He’s a radio man, a voice. He doesn’t have any visual presence or personality on tv. He hunches there like Mole in Wind In The Willows And his sidekicks really don’t gel with him. It’s not their fault – no shock jocks work with sidekicks – think about it. Bit late now but. Bone him now so he can go back to where he came from and get on with his life as a professional shit stirrer.