Kim Williams on pay TV’s pulling power and… Eastenders?

To the Westin in Sydney and a speech from Foxtel boss Kim Williams who took the stage to the theme tune from UK soap Eastenders.  

The reason, he explained was because of its audience-drawing power – so hefty that extra power stations need to be put online when everyone makes a cup of tea afterwards.

In his championing of the future of TV, he claimed those predicting its demise fell into three groups: “the hopeful traditionalists”, “the fanatical futurists” and “the permanently grumpy”.

Dr Mumbo suspects that Eastenders viewers fall mainly into the latter group.


  1. Justine
    20 May 10
    6:01 pm

  2. Sorry Dr M but I love EastEnders and I am definitely NOT permanently grumpy!

  3. Anonymous
    20 May 10
    6:27 pm

  4. Your mum’s so fat, when she fell down the stairs I thought EastEnders was starting…

  5. AdGrunt
    20 May 10
    7:14 pm

  6. Isn’t Eastenders made by that little FTA outfit called the BBC?