GetUp! crowd-funds ad to stop super trawler Margiris

'Stop the super trawler'

Activist group GetUp! is trying to raise money to place an ad in the national press to stop super trawler Margiris, a mega fishing vessel that docked in South Australia earlier this week.

GetUp! wants an ad to run in The Australian on Monday to put pressure on Minister for Fisheries Joe Ludwig to stop the vessel from fishing in Australian waters.

According to GetUp!, the super trawler ‘vacuums up everything in its way killing dolphins, seals, migratory sea birds and other protected species.’A full page in The Australian costs around $47,000.

The news follows an attempt by pressure group Greenpeace to obstruct the Margiris yesterday.


  1. Paul the freelance writer
    31 Aug 12
    2:08 pm

  2. Pay for an ad they haven’t made yet? The claims range from misleading and simplistic to completely untrue. Elementary research shows that the super trawler in question has been tested and approved, and will be subject to ongoing official scrutiny. The irony is that the Margiris has technology built in to exclude non-catch species.

    In GetUp!’s nirvana, every family in the world would send a representative off to some crystal clear stream or azure bay and throw a line in for the nightly dinner.

    Go on, GetUp! fans, send them your $50, earned through an hour or so’s participation in one of the world’s great capitalist economies, so that African families may not eat.

  3. WD
    31 Aug 12
    2:32 pm

  4. Strewth, I actually agree with GetUp. Crazy times!

  5. 'N'
    31 Aug 12
    3:28 pm

  6. Wait, so the photo they’re using to gather support was taken 6 years ago, and of another ‘super trawler’? Smelly fishy…

  7. C
    31 Aug 12
    9:16 pm

  8. Paul, Elementary research shows that every place this trawler has been it has left decimated fish stocks in its wake. The technology proposed , which is supposed to eliminate by-catch has never been trialed on a trawler with nets of this size and the scrutiny of this technology will only be on the first 10 trips via a small video camera. Even if this technology does exclude by-catch, the main problem still remains, as the targeted catch species of fish just so happens to be the primary food source for this ‘by-catch’. If you do some elementary research yourself, you would see that this super trawler and others like it pillaged fish stocks off the coast of West Africa to the point of collapse leaving poor coastal communities without their primary food source hence the reason they are starving in the first place. At least Get-up is providing a medium to do something about it. If you want to talk capitalist then look deeper into this Super trawler you are so ignorantly supporting.

  9. Data
    1 Sep 12
    2:02 pm

  10. You know what smells really fishy? This super trawler is already here, without a fishing licence. Barely anyone I’ve asked about this seems to be aware this is happening. Even if you don’t give a rat’s about the dolphins (who are among the most intelligent of animals, just FYI), what about the people whose jobs rely on sustainable fishing?

  11. John
    1 Sep 12
    8:45 pm

  12. Anyone with half a brain could see what this machine is capable of and if it gets to fish here,and I think that it has already been fishing without authority,it will not adhere to any quota,as these do not mean a thing to trawlers and many other types of fishing,and will go all out to net anything and everything until there is nothing left and will leave our waters grinning ear to ear having taken all and paid nothing.and we will have nothing left in fish to re-new stocks,and those who supported it will not wish to be called to account.If you don’t believe me have a look at what has happened in every fishery that these machines have entered and devastated the is simply inviting the devil into your home,in person to live with your family.God forbid that I will ever have to say “I told you so ” Stand and be heard ,say NO NO NO and be forcefull.

  13. John
    1 Sep 12
    9:11 pm

  14. This Misinformation that is said to be out there,has not come from us in the “TURN THE SUPER TRAWLER AROUND

  15. William John Clark
    6 Sep 12
    3:00 pm

  16. I strongly oppose the use of the supertrawler and think that the minister who is responsible for this decision (the one who stuffed up the meat industry in the Northern Territory) should go down to Tassie and have a good hard look at the sort of damage that this vessel will wreck on the fishing of all species and speak to the fishermen that earn their living through the fishing industry before he goes blundering around like a bull in a china shop the way he did in the Northern Territory with live animal export trade which is in a very serious state,and the last thing that is needed is to have our precious sea food ruined for future generatioins for the sake of a bit of an effort to see what the results to this industry could do.