Glue Society gets heavy with Metal on Metal

The Glue Society is always up to something interesting outside of the traditional ad space.  

Last year, between being invited to show at Sculpture by the Sea in Denmark, creating the music video project for VRaw, and designing a new online magazine, it also recently created and directed a music video for a Lithuanian outfit called Metal on Metal, for their song Bastard.

Apparently the group gave the agency carte blanche to create whatever they felt the song deserved.

The clip was picked up by Rage and MTV globally over Christmas and has had over a quarter of a million views so far on the likes of YouTube and Vimeo.

Interesting work, though maybe not for the faint hearted…

Metal on Metal “BASTARD” from The Glue Society on Vimeo.


  1. EY
    6 Jan 10
    3:33 pm

  2. Effing fantastic. We were lucky enough to work with the Glue Society on the V Raw campaign & they were great. They’re so much more than just your typical creative agency.

  3. Andrew McMillen
    7 Jan 10
    7:38 pm

  4. Great video, cheers Tim.

  5. Joel Pearson
    8 Jan 10
    8:09 am

  6. That was exceptionally well made and highly entertaining. Respect.

  7. Ozzy
    15 Jan 10
    2:47 pm

  8. Awesome, Shame it wasn’t a metal band with that name…