Grave robbers

While advertising and good taste are not comfortable bedfellows, these ads from Chile go further than most.

Images of Steve Jobs burying Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Amy Winehouse burying prince William and his wife Kate, and Hosni Mubarek doing the same to Colonel Gadaffi do go a tad further than most.

Still, no doubt the ads – with the slogan “News travels fast” – will be a hit with awards juries.

Rather harshly, the UK’s Daily Mail describes the work as “shoddily Photoshopped”.

winehouse william kate

gadaffi mubarek


  1. AdGrunt
    16 Jul 12
    11:13 am

  2. The line appears to be News Changes Fast?

    Which makes a little more sense than “travels”

    But I’m not sure I completely get how the visuals work with the message, even then.

  3. AdGrunt
    16 Jul 12
    2:25 pm

  4. Ah, I see.

    Checking my history, those being buried are, as with their stories, being buried by the spade-holder’s bigger / more recent story.


  5. Peter Rush
    17 Jul 12
    3:34 pm

  6. love it when I don’t get something but I’m too scared to put my hand up – and then someone else fesses up. Cheers AdGrunt!

  7. Steve Griwowsky
    17 Jul 12
    4:37 pm

  8. Thanks AdGrunt. Obvious now. It does need the actual line in the pic, I think. Saw the pics first and then read the article.

  9. AdGrunt
    17 Jul 12
    7:43 pm

  10. I like that I had to think a bit harder than normal.

    I also like the illustrations. The Daily Mail are hardly a renown arbiter of design and creativity..