Grazia Magazine ‘to close’

Bauer Media Group is closing the struggling weekly fashion magazine Grazia, reports the Australian Financial Review today.

The AFR’s Rear Window column today suggests that the publisher will close the magazine tomorrow.

The move would coincide with the Audit Bureau of Circulation release of its latest circulation audit which is expected to include another poor result for the title which launched less than five years ago.

Grazia – published under licence from Mondadori – has seen its circulation struggle in the face of fierce competition from monthly competitors such as newslifemedia’s Vogue Australia and Pacific Magazines’ Marie Claire and InStyle, as well as existing Bauer titles such as Madison and Harper’s Bazaar.

In November Bauer, previously known as ACP Magazines, also announced it would launch a new fashion magazine Elle which will be based on content provide by US magazine partner Hearst.

A spokeswoman for Bauer said: “We don’t comment on gossip.”

Nic Christensen 


  1. WD
    14 Feb 13
    9:56 am

  2. You mean to tell me women don’t want to look at pictures of overpriced handbags and the ubiquitous Mrs Beckham anymore? Still, it comes as no surprise, the detractors had it in for this thing since it launched. Best of luck to the staff (or do they all simply move next door to the Elle office?).

  3. Travis
    14 Feb 13
    10:19 am

  4. Our entire business is built upon gossip, but “We don’t comment on gossip”

  5. Dan
    14 Feb 13
    10:30 am

  6. “We don’t comment on gossip.”

    I think that is the best and quite possibly, the most ironic quote I have ever heard in my entire life…

  7. Wendell
    14 Feb 13
    11:35 am

  8. They treat the poor staff like trash how can you go to work in the morning thinking you have a job and then before lunch get told its all over. Why close Grazia when you can close one of the crappy monthly mags.

  9. Tracey
    14 Feb 13
    12:00 pm

  10. And in a blow for Brisbane, the QUEST flagship newspaper CIty News produced it’s last edition today!

  11. Good Moron
    14 Feb 13
    12:11 pm

  12. Another victim of The Mail Online’s never ending column of gossip?

  13. AG
    14 Feb 13
    12:29 pm

  14. It was a bit ‘meh’. Think the mix of ‘news’ stories and fashion is a dated concept. However, think Kellie Hush is a good fashion reporter and the SMH’s fashion pages were poorer for her absence. Hope she ends up on Elle.

  15. Candice
    14 Feb 13
    1:18 pm

  16. Very disappointed to hear this news.

  17. Penny
    14 Feb 13
    1:29 pm

  18. Noooo, I’m sad!!! I love Grazia!

  19. MR T
    14 Feb 13
    1:31 pm

  20. @ Candice.

    I’m not! One less piece of trash set to scour the minds of women everywhere

  21. B
    14 Feb 13
    1:37 pm

  22. It’s a shame as I personally enjoy the mag. The price point was way too high for a weekly of it’s (thin) size esp vs what it’s priced at in the UK where it’s hugely successful.

  23. norelle feehan
    14 Feb 13
    1:46 pm

  24. Agree, Candice, for me (as a PR) it’s depressing to see titles close but as an employer and an aunt of twelve twenty-somethings it’s always sad to see employment options reduced for journalists, designers, ad people etc.

  25. Bob
    14 Feb 13
    1:53 pm

  26. They are making the company more efficient.They will probably go through a few more mags and senior positions and let a few mags and jobs go..Times are tough in the Print game and Print which had very highly paid people and positions are gradually being into line with todays thinking.Print is expensive, mags and production staff, much cheaper on line.They will still need good writers, stories, designers, but who cares about dot gain and paper weights these one ..sad times.

  27. Jocelyn
    14 Feb 13
    1:59 pm

  28. The title always makes me think of cattle farmers…

    I’ve read it quite a bit since it’s Australian launch and have watched it fade in terms of features content in recent months. It used to have much more pluck and intelligence…

  29. Wendy
    14 Feb 13
    2:58 pm

  30. Agreed B. It was always a fantastic alternative in the UK to the trashy mags but at an incredible price. They totally stuffed it up here!

  31. Lorraine
    14 Feb 13
    3:07 pm

  32. Such a pity if this is true – Amy has been doing an excellent job with it.

  33. Pretty Prctures
    14 Feb 13
    3:59 pm

  34. I love Grazia!

  35. Bucks is back
    14 Feb 13
    4:55 pm

  36. And yet New Idea, Women’s Day et all with their “Royal scandal: Corgi Poops on lawn” scoops and “Chrissie Swan smoked while preggers” (Yawn) stories, carry on strong.

    Supply and demand I guess.

    Being a male, I dont care for any of these, (Grazia included), but dont wish for them to close down (more journo’s, productions staff etc unemployed)

  37. Jack Jackson from Jacksonvill
    14 Feb 13
    6:04 pm

  38. What a pathetic company! I feel for the hardworking staff putting in countless hours for an employer who doesn’t care… Unaustralian !

  39. Eh?
    14 Feb 13
    6:40 pm

  40. What a shit way for staff to find out. Good scoop for the AFR I suppose.

  41. Christina M. Morrison
    14 Feb 13
    8:24 pm

  42. We wish the “Grazia” staff all the very best with their future endeavours. Personally I will really miss “Grazia” (if it’s indeed true that they’re closing!) and hope that another great fash-mag opportunity is just around the corner for the “Grazia” staff.

  43. Michelle
    26 Feb 13
    1:23 pm

  44. Not Happy Jan! I only have three favourite mags. I loved Grazia and looked forward to it each week. My two other mags are Instyle and Shop til you Drop but they are monthly mags. So Grazia was my guilty inbetween monthly mag pleasure. Very sad. Not alot of mags actually have a load of fashion in them which is why I liked it because I’m sick of reading the same hollywood gossip and seeing the same pictures in all the other mags. They were dedicated more to fashion than mags like famous, who, new idea, womens weekly ….. shall I go on. Good luck Grazia staff and a job well done.