Guardian starts Australian edition with soft launch

Guardian AustraliaThe Guardian has quietly launched its Australian edition.

Australian-based visitors to the site are now being automatically redirected to the home page of the British publication’s new Australian edition.

The move does not yet appear to signal a full launch for the site. Most content is bylined to Alison Rourke, a Sydney-based journalist who has written for The Guardian since 2010.

The paper confirmed its launch of an Australian edition a fortnight ago with backing from entrepreneur Grame Wood. Katharine Viner, who is leading the project, said in the announcement that it would be launching later this year.

The ABC’s outgoing director of editorial policies Paul Chadwick is to be a director of The Guardian Australia. This week The Australian reported that three other journalists will be hired.

guardian editionsThe Australian edition is the third version of The Guardian’s website. Along with its main UK version there is also a US edition. Guardian America launched in 2007.



  1. Seahorses
    30 Jan 13
    11:33 am

  2. I load up The Guardian fine with no redirect?

    And that Australia page has been on The Guardian’s site for years. It’s like saying this is a sneak-peak at the Thailand edition of the site:

  3. mumbrella
    30 Jan 13
    11:37 am

  4. Hi Seahorses,

    The redirect appears to be patchy. It’s happening to some of us in the office and not others. It would appear that if you have previously clicked on the UK edition tab or US edition tab, that overrides the redirect. That’s my theory anyway…

    What’s different to your Thailand example is that Aus is now a third option in the dropdown along with the UK and US (again, not visible to everyone by the looks of it) which I’ve screengrabbed towards the end of the article.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  5. Cam
    30 Jan 13
    11:41 am

  6. I’m not getting redirected to anything? When visiting, I’m taken to the Guardian UK homepage, and the ‘UK Edition’, filled with generally UK-specific stories.

  7. Gromit
    30 Jan 13
    11:48 am

  8. And supposing I look at The Grauniad to see UK news and not a few rewrites of the SMH?

  9. Good Moron
    30 Jan 13
    12:09 pm

  10. I’m afraid Seahorses is right – that page has been up for a while. But Tim’s right too – the re-direct started yesterday.

    BTW Katharine Viner, Deputy editor, The Guardian left the UK for AU yesterday.

  11. WD
    30 Jan 13
    12:15 pm

  12. I’m getting reviews of Kevin Costner’s wonderful 2006 film of the same name….

  13. Anonymous
    30 Jan 13
    1:52 pm

  14. So where does The Guardian launch leave Fairfax on paywalls?

  15. Claire
    30 Jan 13
    3:53 pm

  16. Err…why is the Australian site running ads for halogen heaters and ice treads (that handily fit over your shoes) in January? Don’t they know its summer here?

  17. Simon Rumble
    31 Jan 13
    9:47 am

  18. @Claire Australian visitors’ ads are currently served through Rubicon’s ad exchange, so that’s just an ad buyer doing boneheaded automated targeting.