Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year loses a third of its audience

The second outing for Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year saw its audience fall by more than a third on the show’s debut.

Last night’s episode, featuring the pair’s adventures in New York, rated 1.069m – down 36% on the previous week’s 1.456m debut.

The fall is particularly noticeable because the audience the show inherited from Hot Property was actually slightly up on the previous week.  

However, the show still won its 8.30pm timeslot. It narrowly beat The Renovators on Ten which rated 1.056m according to preliminary overnight metro ratings from OzTam. However, Ten will have been delighted to have delivered an episode with an audience above 1m. And Seven’s Law & Order LA rated just 633,000.

Also in the 8.30pm slot, the ABC’s legal drama Crownies continued to suffer, with an audience of 567,000.

Top show for the night was ten’s Masterchef, which rated 1.691m, ahead of Nine’s The Block on 1.353m, and the cooking contest’s highest Thursday night rating of the series.

Continuing the story of  Seven’s bad Thursday, Sunrise was beaten by Today, with the closes of margin – 379,000 to 378,000.


  1. stu
    5 Aug 11
    9:35 am

  2. Shame, it was a funny episode.

  3. Peter
    5 Aug 11
    9:44 am

  4. I watched it for the first time last night and thought it was awful. It was like two school boys being idiots and repeating the joke over and over – but the jokes weren’t even funny. I see it as more of a Channel 11 show – or pay TV attracting a smaller audience – not on prime time. Very dull and I wouldn’t watch again

  5. Madison
    5 Aug 11
    9:57 am

  6. Oh. That’s a shame because last night (except for that tunnel thing with James Franco) was really funny!

  7. Steve
    5 Aug 11
    10:30 am

  8. Can we start a book on what the average audience numbers over the 10 weeks will be? I’d predict high 8’s to low 9’s next week.

  9. Dr Fishcoteque
    5 Aug 11
    10:33 am

  10. Hamish & Andy’s Crap Year.
    Enough said.

  11. anon
    5 Aug 11
    11:02 am

  12. I find H & A hilarious! Shows of a similar format (SNL, Chelsea Handler etc), always have segments that fall a little flat or don’t appeal to everyone. To be honest, I think Aussies are harsh critics of our own stars.

  13. Gem
    5 Aug 11
    11:10 am

  14. As usual, here come the haters…. ! Their demo is teens and young 20s, not you lot so that you don’t want to watch it or even like it is irrelevant. I thought their second show was so much better than their first and am willing to bet their numbers stay the same or higher all run. Good on you lads!!

  15. Dave B
    5 Aug 11
    11:22 am

  16. No doubt those folk viewed the first episode & thought it was poorly structured self-indulgence with a massive reliance on props & an assumed interest/liking for sub-Rove/Austereo narcissism.

  17. Ken
    5 Aug 11
    11:32 am

  18. The show isn’t funny. Its a poor mans Letterman style set. I can’t see Nine keeping it on if it continues to drop and it will. They are great on radio, that’s where they need to stay, or go back to 10 and try that style of show there!
    The lets take a funny look at the US is old news its been tried before, and just isn’t funny in 2011.

  19. mish
    5 Aug 11
    11:46 am

  20. i watched the tunnel thing. it was painful. Even high on crack cookies i felt terribly sorry for them.

  21. tim
    5 Aug 11
    11:54 am

  22. Embarrassing to say the least. what was channel nine thinking paying the money they paid for these bozos.THEY ARE NOT FUNNY!! hamish looks wierd!

  23. the milky bar kid
    5 Aug 11
    11:58 am

  24. I’d be more worried if i was Channel TEN, 2 weeks in and ‘The Renovators’ has only just cracked the million….. (H&A also beat it last night!)

    Also good point made by ‘GEM’. You are right mate, it was the second show for the night in PPL 16-39 (behind Masterchef).

    Again, TEN are the ones that need to be having a good look at themselves, when Masterchef finishes this Sunday night, they will be hurting big time – I can’t see Renovators lifting that much despits the new time slot. Their next top program for the night for the next 2 months will be 7PM Project on 700k :(

  25. Chuckster
    5 Aug 11
    12:05 pm

  26. Wanted to like it but too lightweight. Not enough substance. Radio guys on TV!

  27. act551
    5 Aug 11
    12:51 pm

  28. Hello mUmBRELLA
    I would appreciate audience numbers for Channel 7’s bold programming of a US produced history of WWII The Lost Films:The Air War starting in 1943 or was it only shown on PRIME in country areas. Regards AFH

  29. Ears are bleeding
    5 Aug 11
    1:07 pm

  30. Hamish & Andy are as funny as cancer. Adolescent giggling schoolboy humour. Channel 9 derserve evrything they get by picking up these bozos.

  31. Adam Paull
    5 Aug 11
    1:09 pm

  32. Just goes to show that these days you can’t debut with a dud episode, especially after heavy promotion – audiences don’t come back. Last night was much better than the opening ep, but it still needs a few more weeks to figure some things out. In a nutshell – outdoor stuff good, studio stuff bad…

    With such a heavy investment ($15m according to reports!), Nine should have launched it late on a Friday night for 3-4 weeks, let the show find it’s feet, then move it into prime-time. Either that or do a couple more pilots.

  33. richie
    5 Aug 11
    1:18 pm

  34. im the target audience and its not funny.

    i laughed out loud only once in the whole thing – when Hamish did the bat lap !

    the pre-recorded stuff is amusing but the ‘at the desk’ stuff is 5 star shit.

    ban this filth!

  35. zeffd
    5 Aug 11
    1:27 pm

  36. melbourne tonight show circa 1983

  37. ^&*
    5 Aug 11
    1:56 pm

  38. 3 more eps .. audience down to 700,000 …. and Kabooom! …… goodbye.

  39. number's
    5 Aug 11
    3:09 pm

  40. act551 the TTP number was 613k

    Beaten by both Hot Seat and Deal or no deal @ 5pm……

  41. Mel
    6 Aug 11
    11:42 am

  42. I thought the show improved greatly from last week and they did an awesome job.
    I thought it was funny and I’m loving the segments around the states and I hope it continues to get better.

  43. Herald sun reader
    6 Aug 11
    5:55 pm

  44. I haven’t seen it so I’m not able to comment sorry. They seem like nice chaps.

  45. Rebecca Jane
    8 Aug 11
    4:53 pm

  46. I think these boys are incredibly funny and talented, they have a knack for executing very funny well thought-out and orchestrated skits that are actually presented flawlessly to make the viewer feel like the whole skit was spontaneous and un-orchestrated. I am their biggest fan and have followed their career even prior them going mainstream with their own drive time show….however…I also feel I am in a position to comment that taking the medium of radio where it is all about sound to a visual presentation, I think a lot more effort is required to present to not only our ears but also present it well enough to resonate visually for us, the viewer.

    They need a little more time and I am sure they will find a happy medium between the two mediums….come on Australia lay off and give them a chance!!

  47. Bozzz
    10 Aug 11
    4:01 pm

  48. They guys are hilarious, If you didn’t find it funny, you have no sense of humour.
    Great stuff guys.

  49. Ant
    12 Aug 11
    11:33 am

  50. I have a sense of humour and I found this episode dull, boring and obviously not funny. Andy has no comic appeal and just waits for Hamish to say something stupid, so he can pull a stupid face and say ‘come on hamish blah blah blah.

    total shit but oh well maybe channel nine should just put on repeats of full frontal, pretty sure that would get more of an audience. And christ, it’s actually funny!

    can’t wait till it gets canned, fingers crossed that’ll be next week

  51. Dawn
    16 Aug 11
    12:39 pm

  52. I deperately want to get some tickets for the Hamish and Andy gap year reocording on the week 24/9/22, has anybody any idea how I go about acquring them?

  53. Roc
    19 Aug 11
    2:38 pm

  54. These guys produce some good stuff, they don’t care if you don’t like it cause it’s aimed to be a stupid/random show. Sick of these fools commenting trying to critisise their work. If it is that easy you go do it. Its something interesting to watch and if you dont like it just dont watch it you morons.

  55. Tony
    25 Aug 11
    5:17 pm

  56. These bozos are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike and
    as funny as dog crap on white bed sheets. This is just more tripe we get
    served up to on free to air PR dingbats!