Lionel Richie appears in Tap King ad to ask: Hello, is it beer you’re looking for?

Entertainment icon Lionel Richie performs his classic hit Hello from the back of a fridge in a new ad for Lion Nathan’s Tap King.

The 60 second TV commercial for Tap King created by BMF shows a man opening the fridge longing for refreshment when Richie’s classic hit starts to play. Then as he looks closer, Richie appears at the back of the fridge playing ‘Hello’ on a white piano. As he continues to sing, Richie unveils the Tap King home beer draft dispenser on top of his piano and pours a beer.

The ad, scheduled to air in July, was shot by director Steve Rogers from production house Revolver, and filmed on a custom-built set in Los Angeles over four days.

A marketing campaign including outdoor, digital and PR will be rolled out with the TVC, as well as a series of short videos featuring Chaser co-founder Charles Firth, which have been developed by the White Agency and be distributed via social media channels.

Matt Tapper, Lion’s National marketing director, said: “Tap King is borne out of an opportunity we saw to enhance the ritual of drinking beer at home. Tap King is targeted at men over the age of 30, a group we know appreciate the taste and ritual of draught beer but due to work and family commitments, spend more time relaxing and enjoying a beer at home.

“The creative execution is a perfect introduction to Tap King.”


  1. Anonymous
    24 Jun 13
    10:07 am

  2. Wasn’t he the soundtrack for a Carlton draught ad 3 years ago?

  3. MJ
    24 Jun 13
    11:09 am

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hears Lionel Richie singing to me at unexplainable moments…

  5. Craft Beer lover
    24 Jun 13
    2:32 pm

  6. Dear Tap King,
    Pity all those beers taste the same.

    XXXX, Tooheys New, Tooheys Extra Dry, Hahn SuperDry. RUBBISH BEER

    Where are the porters, IPA’s, Pale Ales, Amber ales etc???

  7. A
    24 Jun 13
    2:51 pm

  8. 4 days to shoot a song on a cyc???!

  9. Peter
    24 Jun 13
    10:17 pm

  10. Craft beer lover.. You can’t call hem rubbish beer then just list off other crap beers..

    It sounds as if Richie is saying is it me you looking for… Not beer..
    A bit gay isn’t it?

  11. ad guy
    25 Jun 13
    7:46 am

  12. doesn’t Carlton Dry kind of own the “Hello” thing in beer…?

  13. Turbo
    25 Jun 13
    8:29 am

  14. Let me guess @ Peter – you’re a Corona drinker?

  15. Brian Barry
    25 Jun 13
    9:41 am

  16. Peter care to elaborate on your comment, ” a bit gay isn’t it?” if only to avoid coming off as a homophobe,

  17. Not Peter
    25 Jun 13
    12:06 pm

  18. I think it’s “a bit gay” in that it having a man sing a love song to another man is gay. Is that homophobic, or logical?

  19. Brian Barry
    25 Jun 13
    1:26 pm

  20. Hi Peter Yes perhaps the red flag went up for me too early – as a gay man I’m pretty wary of any comment that approaches the “that’s so gay” perjorative – if Lionel wants to say “Hello” to blokes bring it on!