Updated: Telstra, Medibank, Blackmores, Fantastic Furniture, Holden, Good Guys and Vodafone pull ads over Kyle Sandilands’ ‘misogynistic’ attack

Car brand Holden has this afternoon ended its sponsorship of the Kyle & Jackie O Show after presenter Kyle Sandilands threatened to “hunt down” a journalist who had reported negative Twitter sentiment about his TV show.

During the attack, Sandilands also described news.com.au journalist Alison Stephenson as “a piece of shit” and made comments about her appearance including her breast size.

Until today Holden had been the sponsor of the Southern Cross Austereo show. At the time of posting, ads for its Holden Barina are still prominent on the Kyle & Jackie O Show home page.

But a spokeswoman for Holden told Mumbrella:

“Recent comments made on the Kyle and Jackie O breakfast show do not in any way reflect the views or opinions of Holden and we are very disappointed to hear Kyle’s personal attack on a journalist.

“We believe the show is no longer in line with Holden’s core values and as a result we have taken action to withdraw our sponsorship of the program, effective immediately.”

Earlier today news.com.au’s editor-in-chief David Penberthy accused Sandilands being a misogynist, pointing to his track record of attacks on female journalists.

10.30pm update: Vodafone and The Good Guys have also pulled sponsorships. Both brands announced the move on Twitter.


vodafone_kyle_tweet1.48pm update: Harvey Norman and Fantastic Furniture join Medibank in the boycott of Sandilands’ show, according to reports from News.com.au.


  1. Groucho
    23 Nov 11
    5:15 pm

  2. A good start. Hopefully to be followed by every other sponsor, employer, and associate with any trace of decency and class.

  3. Er....
    23 Nov 11
    5:48 pm

  4. So up until this was reported Holden were perfectly fine with his behavior?

  5. AdGrunt
    23 Nov 11
    6:39 pm

  6. Plus ça change…

  7. ADam ferrier
    23 Nov 11
    7:13 pm

  8. Well done. I can’t understand any brand wanting to be associated with him. His behavior is simply mean and offensive.

  9. Samantha
    23 Nov 11
    8:58 pm

  10. Kylie is classless uneducated and just down right nasty and I am sorry to say Jackie enables and advocates his behaviour also… Well done Holden I will look to buy one now!!! Hopefully other sponsors with any level of crediability will follow suit. The public are really tied of his appalling behaviour!!! why reward it!!!

  11. ADam ferrier
    23 Nov 11
    9:09 pm

  12. http://mumbrella.com.au/an-ope.....kie-o-8183

    Sorry wanted to ad this link too. Happy it’s happening at last.

  13. Oncewaslazy
    23 Nov 11
    10:02 pm

  14. Is it not White Ribbon Day on Friday?

    Is he not verbally abusing women (and has a track record of doing so?)

    Is he in the same boat as Matthew Newton?

    In the spirit of WRD I hope he gets dumped by everyone this Friday.


  15. warhol
    23 Nov 11
    11:13 pm

  16. Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.

    mumbrella, news.com.au et al are laughing as the clicks roll in.. you are being played people.

  17. Logic
    24 Nov 11
    9:40 am

  18. “We believe the show is no longer in line with Holden’s core values”

    So that implies that prior to the uproar it was in line with Holden’s core values. Be great to see a list of these ‘values’.

  19. Chris
    24 Nov 11
    10:24 am

  20. Blackmores has just pulled its advertising as well.

    Harvey Norman, Telstra and others are all increasingly under pressure to do the same.

  21. Dr Oyvind
    24 Nov 11
    4:38 pm

  22. I’m with Er… Seriously how Derrr were they all in the first place? It hasn’t happened over night.

  23. Ian
    24 Nov 11
    5:36 pm

  24. It’s not good enough to pull the advertising just from the show, the advertisers need to pull out of the whole network then there might be some action

  25. Spine
    24 Nov 11
    7:06 pm

  26. Advertisers are just pulling out for fear of not pulling out and perception.

    Amazing their moral compass only just started working. They had no issue with the guy beforehand despite his idiocy.

    Honestly this just makes the advertisers look reactionary. If they really disagreed with his general awfulness they’d never been there in the first place.