Mystery man uses his Holden to regain his memory in short film for Trax

An epic two minute ad for the Holden Trax features the mystery of a man who woke up with amnesia and uses the car to regain his memory.

The ad – by AJF – will run in cinemas and online with a shorter version on TV.

The ad shows the amnesiac using the car to retrace his steps via the built in technologies such as voice control and satellite navigation.

A spokeswoman for Holden told Mumbrella: “The thinking behind it is that it knows you better than you know yourself,” she said.

Soma Films in Sydney produced the ad directed by Sean Meehan.

The ad – which ends with a twist – uses the tagline ‘Think about this’ used in a series of ads created for Holden’s signature car models by AJF Partnership in July.


  1. Dan Ilic
    9 Sep 13
    1:02 pm

  2. Love it… perfect ad for PRSIM

  3. geepers
    9 Sep 13
    2:00 pm

  4. Love it but want to see how the 30 sec version works.

  5. Anonymous
    9 Sep 13
    2:41 pm

  6. love it!

  7. Bear
    9 Sep 13
    4:42 pm

  8. Love it.

    Wish it didn’t start with the overlaid typography, but love it nonetheless.

    Genuinely inspirational. Why can’t all Australian car ads be this good?

  9. Nick
    9 Sep 13
    4:43 pm

  10. Niiiiiice work..happy to spend 2.08 glued..whats next?

  11. DT
    9 Sep 13
    5:11 pm

  12. Enjoyed that one!

  13. PB the EP
    10 Sep 13
    12:44 pm

  14. Yes indeed. Embedding the product in the narrative…proud that this is Aussie work. Nice work AJF and Soma.

  15. Dean
    2 Oct 13
    7:04 pm

  16. If his favorite destination is that great, then why does he need to use the GPS to get there? If I had a favorite destination then I don’t think I’d need directions to get there.