How Australian journalism works

If you were interested in reading an article about the British TV documentary series 7 Up, you could have read it online via the UK Telegraph at any point since its publication on May 14.

Or you could have given it four weeks and paid $2.30 to read it in The Sun-Herald today, where it occupies a full page of the “news” section.


  1. Sub-editor
    10 Jun 12
    4:59 pm

  2. How Mumbrella works: Publishes two sentences and can’t get the spelling right.

  3. Mac
    12 Jun 12
    8:45 pm

  4. The Reader’s Digest has had this as their model for decades. That isn’t a criticism – it’s actually kind of a good business … if you could print out bits that were a hit on the web last month and sell the printouts … wouldn’t you?

    It worked well for 80 years .. a pretty impressive run for a magazine. Sadly it doesn’t do well in the internet era. It’s basically the print version of a web portal.