Hungry Jack’s launches ‘one of the cheapest TVCs ever created’ to bring back Stunner deal

Clemenger BBDO Sydney is behind a new campaign for Hungry Jack’s ‘Stunner’ deal, each part of which was made for $5, the agency is claiming.

Clems account director Justin Cox said that discount website was the inspiration for the campaign.

“ attracts thousands of people from around the world who are willing to do weird and wonderful things for only $5. It could arguably be one of the most cost-effective TVCs ever created, with everything from the voice-over artist, stunt work, animation and various talent costing no more than $5 each,” he said.

The image of dog in the ad was sourced via social media, with the dog’s owner paid $5 for the image rights.

The return of the burger was prompted by pleas made on Hungry Jack’s Facebook page, according to marketing director Jim Wilson. “Demands for the return of the Stunner deal were a constant among our Facebook fans, with a weekly average of 70 online requests, and it was logical for us to deliver on that,” he said.

Hungry Jack’s $5 Experience TV ad breaks today.


  • Agency: Clemenger BBDO
  • Creative team: Baz Baker and Chris Pearce
  • TV Producer: Jonathan Gerard


  1. Ok then
    27 Mar 12
    1:01 pm

  2. Good to see corporations are pleased they are ripping people off for profit.

  3. kate
    27 Mar 12
    1:13 pm

  4. American accents are cheaper

  5. Pedro
    27 Mar 12
    1:14 pm

  6. Well done Clems!!
    Now it begins.

  7. Bec
    27 Mar 12
    1:16 pm

  8. Why did they use an American accent as v/o?

  9. BK
    27 Mar 12
    1:44 pm

  10. Nice idea, solid proposition and only mildly offensive. About as good as you can do for the category and client.

  11. big ears.
    27 Mar 12
    1:49 pm

  12. Bet Clems charged more than 5 bucks.

  13. Really?
    27 Mar 12
    2:59 pm

  14. “One of the cheapest TVCs ever created…’Each part of which was made for $5”. There are 11 parts/scenes (if you include each food shot as a separate). So the ad cost $55?. Or is someone lying?

  15. Fred
    27 Mar 12
    9:05 pm

  16. The stunner deal has always been available!
    Just ask for it. I’ve been having stunner deals for months.

  17. Sam
    27 Mar 12
    9:14 pm

  18. looks like it was worth the money spent

  19. Fionn
    28 Mar 12
    1:45 am

  20. They should have used and saved the agency fee too… Or are Clems saying their fee is included in the fiver?

  21. Fionn
    28 Mar 12
    1:46 am

  22. Just read it properly, missed the bit about fiverr – doh!

  23. Eridani
    28 Mar 12
    8:24 am

  24. That’s rad! Great idea.

  25. Ron Jeremy
    28 Mar 12
    9:33 am

  26. If people aren’t aware of the website (which majority of the public would not be) then this idea falls completely flat.

  27. Rob R
    28 Mar 12
    10:06 am

  28. In the sterile world of QSR ads I reckon this is pretty good and stands out. I reckon the demo is males 16 – 30 in my opinion, it would get them. It also tips its hat nicely to social media. Nice.

  29. Ouch
    28 Mar 12
    5:32 pm

  30. We’re coming to the end of the financial year people, they had to do something having spent all their dough on burgers and salad stix that aren’t selling.

    Who’s wearing the egg on their face for getting rid of the Stunner Deals and going up market, only to find they were HJ’s bread and butter. An average of 70 requests weekly to bring back the Stunner isn’t why they did it. If that was the case they’d also do something about all the negative feedback on their Facebook page too.

    They brought it back because their premium strategy failed.

    It’s self serving – not about their customers.

  31. Will
    29 Mar 12
    3:32 pm

  32. Nice one Coxy (and team). Good little thought.

  33. Pest
    29 Mar 12
    8:30 pm

  34. … And I have to also congratulate the brains trust for using a Red Eared Slider Turtle – one of the most devastating invasive species known and subject to nationwide bans – in e last portion. Maybe an extra dollar could have bought a native species instead of promoting something that hundreds of thousands has been spent on in trying to get it out of the wild

  35. Pest spotter 2
    30 Mar 12
    12:04 pm

  36. Yes, I spotted that red eared slider last night as well. Shame Hungry Jacks but its clear you get what you pay for. Yank accents and invasive animals, oh and cheap burgers… shame, shame, shame..

  37. Pat Gunning
    4 Apr 12
    4:07 am

  38. The jump off the balcony was worth the $5 alone… great vid!

  39. Pestie_Adl
    11 Apr 12
    8:21 pm

  40. Yes, I spotted the red-eared slider!! Not good champs! Lets just hope it was filmed overseas!! Lets hope it’s not the next ‘nemo’!! – a huge ‘dislike’

  41. Debbie
    14 Apr 12
    8:55 pm

  42. Using a pest that is up there with the cane toad??? Way to go – NOT. My 11 year old son spotted it on your add and called me. So much for market research………