Hungry Jack’s to offer cup full of vegies

Fast food chain Hungry Jack’s is to introduce a cup of vegetables as a side-dish.

The Salad Stix, a cup of hand-cut broccoli, carrot, celery and capsicum sticks, will be available with an optional hummus dip.

The vegetables can be added to a traditional value meal for an additional $2.50 or replace the fries in the meal for an additional $2. They will also be sold separately for $4.95.   

A spokeswoman for Hungry Jack’s told Mumbrella the Salad Stix are currently being trialled in selected NSW stores with a national roll-out expected in the coming months.

Aaron McKie, CEO of Hungry Jack’s said: “Salad Stix can only be described as a nutritional goldmine. It is a healthy snack of necessary nutrients without unwanted kilojoules and creates a whole new product category for fast food. No other industry player has taken healthy alternatives to this level.”

He added: “We have been quietly improving the nutritional profile of Hungry Jack’s products, with major reductions in saturated fat, sodium and sugar levels achieved at a significant cost to the company”


  1. Matthew Rawley
    29 Sep 11
    10:14 am

  2. Excellent idea but we all know what over boiled/over steamed veggies taste like! But how exactly will they market a $4.95 cup of veggies successfully?

  3. MattP
    29 Sep 11
    10:49 am

  4. I don’t think they expect this product to sell succesfully. They would be stunned to sell more than one per day per store, I would suggest.

    Consider this a “halo” product, a product that does the brand good just to have on the menu to appease the naysayers who want to brand HJ as unhealthy and bad for your diet.

    Now HJ can point at this menu item and say they are good for you.

  5. Alison_F
    29 Sep 11
    11:16 am

  6. God, it looks and sounds awful. It seems to me that anyone who is conscious of their health is hardly going to step into Hungry Jack’s in the first place…

  7. Fiona
    29 Sep 11
    11:34 am

  8. Is the pic with this article accurate? Don’t know about serving raw veg in a fast food outlet – maybe roast veg would be less of a leap?

    And at the risk of being rude/pedantic, your reporter has misspelled broccoli :-)

  9. I'm lovin' in...
    29 Sep 11
    2:24 pm

  10. Bahahaha….they’re so obsessed with their stupid rabbits…now they’ve introduced rabbit food….meanwhile Rome burns…I can’t wait for the next installment…maybe 35% off rotten unsold soggy stix…and still their fries suck…come on fellas….it aint rocket science…but keep it up…I’m lovin’ it…dadadadatdahhhhh ; D

  11. I'm lovin' in...
    29 Sep 11
    2:29 pm

  12. Matt P’s on the money…still – better choice of veg combo would have been smarter….Bet the veges aren’t better at Hungry Jack’s…and I’d love to see them defend the Burgers are Better to the ACCC….plenty of new players since that line appeared…anyone keen?

  13. Ronald
    29 Sep 11
    2:59 pm

  14. I call bullshit! This is a PR stunt fo shizzle. “The veggie sticks are better at Hungry Jacks” doesn’t exactly have a good ring to it does it now?

  15. Gabrielle Maston
    29 Sep 11
    4:04 pm

  16. I would have to agree this is just a ploy to get PR. I don’t think any one who is health conscious is going to walk into Hungry Jacks anyway. In addition to this how about the cost? Why are the veggies so expensive compared to ordering chips?
    If they were really concerned about the health of their customers they should partly subsidize the cost of the veggies. They should come free to combat the artery clogging burgers and fries they are killing everyone with!

  17. Bill Posters
    30 Sep 11
    6:57 am

  18. At $4.95 they clearly don’t want to sell any.

  19. belle
    30 Sep 11
    11:03 am

  20. Slightly unethical maybe?- pay $4.95 for a nutritional snack of vegetables in a cup, when for less than this you can buy a revolting burger meal? Come on. This is definitely a PR ploy. If Hungry Jacks were truely passionate about offering a healthier alternative on their menu for consumers, they would make it competitive in price and more affordable.

  21. Andrew
    11 Oct 11
    9:40 am

  22. Well unless you can process vegetables, extrude them into vegetable shapes and add back colours and flavours they cant be sold cheaply and hence the $4.95 price unless they are being subsidised by the sale of higher margin burgers.

    You have to ask yourself whether this is really upping the anti against McDonalds Salad options by serving raw vegetables?
    A great initiative but I liken it to a Yoga studio offering kick boxing classes, what is the brand offer really about?

    Are all their communication channels really speaking to the market about healthy food, is there healthy food option in alignment with the Hungry Jacks brand promise?