Is The Apprentice back from the dead?

Nine’s business reality show The Apprentice saw a recovery in its ratings on Monday night, with its first win in the 9.30pm timeslot and almost a 20% lift on the previous week.  

Although the 823,000 audience was hardly stellar, it is well ahead of the 692,000 and 657,000 audiences OzTam recorded for the first two weeks of the Mark Bouris-fronted show. Last night’s episode saw the two teams race to create and sell meat pies for Sydneysiders’ lunches although some of the winners’ marketing tactics would have risked the wrath of the ACCC.

Despite Mercy’s healthy 1.5m lead-in from Seven’s sci fi drama Flash Forward, it rated only 780,000 in the 9.30pm slot, while Ten’s Good News Week did 818,000.

However  Nine’s digital spin-off Go saw a more disappointing result, with only a 2.3% share for the night, despite heavily promoting the debut of The Vampire Diaries.

The ABC’s Paul Barry investigation into James Packer’s finances on Four Corners rated nearly 1.1m

Monday’s share:

  • Seven: 27.9
  • Nine: 25.1
  • Ten: 17.5
  • ABC1: 16.1
  • SBS1 7.7
  • GO!: 2.3
  • ONE: 1.6
  • ABC2: 1.5
  • SBS2: 0.4

Monday’s top rating TV shows:

  1. Flash Forward Seven 1.5m
  2. Seven News Seven 1.4m
  3. Today Tonight Seven 1.4m
  4. Destroyed in Seconds Seven 1.4m
  5. Highway Patrol Seven 1.4m
  6. Nine News Nine 1.2m
  7. Two and a Half Men 7pm Nine 1.2m
  8. A Current Affair Nine 1.2m
  9. Two and a Half Men 7:30pm Nine 1.2m
  10. Home and Away Seven 1.2m
  11. ABC News Update ABC 1.1m
  12. Four Corners ABC 1.1m
  13. ABC News ABC 1.1m
  14. The Big Bang Theory Nine 1m
  15. The Mentalist Nine 1m


  1. DD
    13 Oct 09
    2:10 pm

  2. I have to say after being so scathing about the Apprentice in the first couple of weeks, I actually qutie enjoyed last night’s show. Still a bit worried that these are supposedly the top business people in Australia as the majority seem like a bunch of bogans but I thought the content of the show was much better last night.

  3. DD
    13 Oct 09
    2:11 pm

  4. Oh and still loooooving Flash Forward

  5. Scott Pettet
    13 Oct 09
    2:42 pm

  6. I don’t think you can refer to The Apprentice contestants as ‘top business people’. They’re simply a group of people brought together to produce TV that is, in the hopes of the show’s producers, interesting television. It’s far more about their individual personalities and how they blend (or rather don’t blend!) than their abilities.

  7. DD
    13 Oct 09
    3:28 pm

  8. Fair point Scott. Just seems weird that they are offered a job at the end. By all means give them some prize money but seems odd that he would want them to work for him.

  9. LMC
    13 Oct 09
    3:47 pm

  10. I couldn’t bare to watch The Apprentice with that creepy Mark Bouris, he makes my skin crawl. Even worse was the station promoting him as “sexy”, yuk. He’s so sleazy.

  11. Big Gary
    14 Oct 09
    9:18 am

  12. I didn’t watch the Apprentice with the heart throb Lynton being voted out. I am following him on Twitter though.

  13. billythesyd
    14 Oct 09
    12:29 pm

  14. the job offer’s a factored cost in producing the show/promoting Mark and Wizard. Some overseas winners have been punted off to a sideline role, then left after the year’s up (as they were either bored or realised their contract was about to be seriously renegotiated).

    Rising viewing figures isn’t a surprise either, other versions have had the same slow burn in the beginning, snowballing through word of mouth.

  15. Big John
    14 Oct 09
    3:38 pm

  16. Big Gary is actually Jamie Reilly and besides following him on Twitter I will be following him around to the back alley behind the Windsor Castle on Friday night

  17. The Differentiator
    14 Oct 09
    4:38 pm

  18. Probably have more pulling power if Aussie Jon was doing the show instead of Mr Wizard

  19. aktiongirl
    14 Oct 09
    5:29 pm

  20. Mostly I don’t watch TV ….. but the Apprentice has got me very interested!! On first impressions I thought – boo – these are not top business people – but what I now see is a fair sample of the typical Australian working population. The selection is a stroke of genius.

    The feedback Mark gives is so spot on – so in- tune with the type of mentoring we could use more of in this country. Each week he offers the contestants who want to step up, the opportunity to do so. What will be revealed in the end ? …. a top business person of course!…. because underneath our rigid belief systems is a shining star. You know what they say about coal and revealing the diamond. Good on you Mark Bouris, The Apprentice and Freemantlemedia. Looking forward to seeing what you uncover.

  21. John Grono
    14 Oct 09
    11:08 pm

  22. Hey LMC … was it the sexy promos that meant you couldn’t “bare” to watch?

  23. Rod Sutherland
    15 Oct 09
    9:19 am

  24. Bouris is definitely finding his feet now. I predict that this show will be a winner for Nine, because it has an element of reality about it, and is far less contrived and patronising than all the other rubbish on Aussi TV.

  25. Trevor
    15 Oct 09
    9:50 pm

  26. Who on earth writes the content for this site?! Certainly not anyone with any idea of how the ratings system works or what constitutes a decent share for any of the multi-channels (Go, ONE, ABC2, SBS2). A share of 2.3% for Go is a great result. Also – when you say that the ratings for The Apprentice were “hardly stellar”, can I point out that it won its timeslot! May I suggest that the authors of this site take a lesson in ratings 101.


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