It was ‘a website’ wot done it

Dr Mumbo notes that The Australian currently rather coyly refers to the Logie leak as having been via “a website”.

He’s sure there’s a very good reason why the title has not named its News Limited stablemate The Herald Sun as the guilty party.


  1. The what?
    16 Apr 12
    11:47 am

  2. Can The Logies honestly be taken seriously…?

  3. Nic Christensen
    16 Apr 12
    2:57 pm

  4. Hi Tim,

    There is a reason why the paper wasn’t named that’s because its AAP wire copy and the wire reporter didn’t include the name of “the website”.

    You’ll note that the SMH has run the same identical story ad did also not name the Herald Sun.

    See –

    Multiple other websites have also run this AAP version.

    Our follow ups (including the one published in the print edition paper) have included the Herald Sun by name.

    See for example:


    Nic Christensen
    Media Writer – The Australian

  5. Stephen Brook
    16 Apr 12
    5:15 pm

  6. Oh Tim,

    Read page three of The Australian today. You will see the phrase “prematurely revealed by the Herald Sun website in the hour before the announcement” in good ol’ black and white.

    Stephen Brook
    Media Editor – The Australian

  7. mumbrella
    17 Apr 12
    7:58 am

  8. Hi Stephen,

    There’s only one section of The Australian for me on a Monday…

    But thanks for flagging that up. I stand corrected…


    Tim – Mumbrella