Kick me

First rule of social media PR, once you’ve apologised, stop digging.

Or, if you’re AussieMite, and you’ve offended Catholics with your ad, you could take a different approach and blame “dear God”.

aussiemite god


And then moan about the backlash…

aussiemite kickingDr Mumbo suggests that it may be time to step away from the social media account…



  1. Dan
    4 Jun 13
    9:27 am

  2. At very least until whoever is responsible learns to spell. And learns something about syntax and sentence construction.

  3. DF
    4 Jun 13
    9:44 am

  4. Like most social media sites, this one too looks like it’s managed by the office junior. Can’t write, can’t think, no PR or conciliatory skills. I doubt anyone in a senior capacity would have allowed this to air….

  5. Beau Ushay
    4 Jun 13
    12:01 pm

  6. @Dan Exactly!

  7. Jimi Bostock
    4 Jun 13
    6:23 pm

  8. Wow, are they serious … time for the grown-ups at AussieMite to stand up now and take the kiddies off the job