Director Lance Kelleher signs with production company 8com

Commercial director Lance Kelleher has resigned with production company 8com for representation in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Kelleher’s campaigns have won at Cannes, Mobius and AWARD.

The announcement:

Award winning Director Lance Kelleher has re-signed for representation in Australia, New Zealand and Asia with 8com.  A master of trend-setting style, Kelleher is renowned for his blockbuster tvcs, slick visual effects and landmark luxury car commercials.  His epic commercials have won global awards, including Cannes, Mobius, London IAA, AWARD and most recently winning a Gold Craft Award in Direction at the Melbourne Art Directors Club.

8com principal Mike Vanderfield:  “Lance and I have a long history. We’ve done some great work together and after many years in this game he still retains the passion, creativity and energy required to create world class work. It’s incredible really. I’m looking forward to having him back in the fold. There’s only handful of Directors in this country that can deliver to the level he does”.

The 8com team are delighted to welcome Lance back to the roster.  Director Mark Alston says, ” Having Lance rejoin 8com is fantastic.  Being part of a team that includes a director of his calibre is a great thing, we’re all looking forward to learning a trick or two from his long list of commercial work.”

Source: 8com press release


  1. Betty the Client
    23 Jan 13
    4:43 pm

  2. How do these directors get work?

    Not saying Lance or the other directors are not great, but if you go the the TV dept of a large agency, they have shelves full of director’s reels.

    There are so many directors its not funny. I am sure there are almost more than the number of ads produced yearly.

    And you have clients like Colgate-Palmolive who have (or at least used to have) a policy of not using a director more than about 3 times in order to keep prices down and not be reliant on any one director.

    As a client (of a large advertiser who do lots of TVC’s) my only requirements for a director is that he can do good work and is easy to work with. If he is a prima donna and treats the clients with scorn (as some directors like to do), he will be a one-time director on our brand as I will never approve him for us again.

    I know some will say I am being precious, but life is too short to work with people who are rude dickheads (if you can avoid it)

    I actually like to keep using the same small stable of directors who we’ve come to know and trust, with the occasional new one thrown in for variety.