Like skinny?

Dr Mumbo has an inkling that the comments beneath the ad for advertising fat burning capsules on group buying site Spreets’ Facebook page are going to make for a lively discussion today…


  1. Sally
    17 Aug 12
    1:43 pm

  2. They’ve changed it – people power!!

  3. Anonymous
    17 Aug 12
    3:18 pm

  4. I know a guy who’s as skinny as that, and he doesn’t even have an eating disorder.

  5. Anon
    17 Aug 12
    3:43 pm

  6. The obesity epidemic has skewed our perception of healthy. You can still be healthy and look curvy or look thin. It just depends on your own metabolism/body. I’ve always been called skinny and I eat a lot more than other people I know.

  7. AndrewL
    17 Aug 12
    3:47 pm

  8. F8ck people on FB will whinge about anything.
    that chick is hot
    using slimming pills won’t get you a body like that, get a grip

  9. bob is a rabbit
    17 Aug 12
    4:36 pm

  10. Thanks god there’s girls like this out there for me to go out with!