Makes a change from Mike Hunt

Notice anything wrong with this picture caption from the Canberra Times?

Mike litoris(Hat-tip: Riot Act)


  1. josh909
    21 Oct 10
    10:48 am

  2. A nice change but still a copycat –

  3. Mark M
    21 Oct 10
    5:13 pm

  4. Funny names = always good.

    My personal favourite – my old business colleague was named Duncan Mycock.

    Try these too:

  5. Sarah L
    21 Oct 10
    11:24 pm

  6. Oh dear! It took me about 3 reads to get that, I couldn’t see the joke until the name was quietly said out loud (lucky I was alone!)

    There is nothing more annoying though, when you are a photographer and people give you fake names or do thumbs up and peace signs in photos that are going in newspapers.

  7. Oh noes
    22 Oct 10
    10:49 am

  8. No more Mycock jokes, please…

  9. Alison F
    22 Oct 10
    11:27 am

  10. That’s hilarious! But I like to think it really is his name…

  11. Ivana Humpalot
    28 Oct 10
    5:55 pm

  12. You people can be really cruel to folk like us who have unusual names.