Man dances to earn Sticky Fingers in Pizza Hut ad

Pizza Hut has launched a TV ad to promote its Sticky Fingers ribs.

In the ad, a man dances in front of his friends to earn his share of the new menu addition.

The agency behind the ad was M&C Saatchi Sydney.


  1. Fat Fred
    19 Jul 12
    6:23 pm

  2. The Sticky Fingers are disgusting – and I say that as a large man

  3. Hoin
    20 Jul 12
    2:12 pm

  4. He’ll have to do a lot more dancing than that if he wants to lose the extra weight he’d gain if he ate the Sticky Fingers.

  5. SONG
    23 Jul 12
    10:32 am

  6. What is the name on the song playing?

  7. Joss
    10 Aug 12
    10:25 pm

  8. What a horrible ad, horrible bite and horrible song. get the drift …….