Masterchef production to Melbourne rumour sparks call for NSW Premier to intervene

Linda Burney, acting NSW opposition leader, has called on state Premier Barry O’Farrell to intervene on reported plans for the production of MasterChef to move to Melbourne.

It is rumoured that the $30m Sydney-based show, produced by Shine, is being lured to Melbourne by the Victorian government.

The production employs 360 people.

Burney said: “It will be an absolute travesty if Victoria steals MasterChef from right under Barry O’Farrell’s nose.”

“I am appalled – but not surprised – that the Victorian Government, Melbourne City Council and Tourism Victoria seem to have caught the O’Farrell Government on the hop,” She added.

A Ten spokesperson said: “Melbourne is arguably the food capital of Australia, but talk around MasterChef relocating there is purely speculation and no decision has been made.”

The first week of the most recent season was filmed in Melbourne.

Burney continued: “Masterchef is also a cultural phenomenon showcasing the very best of Sydney – our restaurants, our chefs, our stunning harbour backdrop – to millions of viewers around Australia and the world. Premier, bring in Tourism NSW, bring in Shine the production company – and do whatever it takes to ensure Masterchef never leaves NSW.”


  1. Darcy
    2 Aug 12
    2:55 pm

  2. Given that production starts in October, surely production location is already sorted?

  3. Harry
    2 Aug 12
    4:30 pm

  4. Don’t fall for this one Barry. The huge irony in this rumour, which I suspect is true is that Shine is a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corporation. They have a studio facility called Fox Studios, 22 hectares of public land rented to it for a peppercorn and heavily underused since its creation. But it is probably full because of the latest Wolverine instalment, produced by another News Corp company which is receiving an undisclosed State government subsidy and a $12.8 million grant from the Federal government. So yes this just another piece of rent seeking at the taxpayers’ expense. Victoria shouldn’t fall for it either. If Shine needs another studio then I suggest it builds it at their own expense.

  5. DaveinPR
    2 Aug 12
    5:05 pm

  6. I am missing something here? Channel 10 – for profit company, Shine – for profit company, sponsors – for profit companies. Yet they receive government “incentives” and handouts to come and work for a particular state.

    DaveinPR – individual trying to make ends meet – more government taxes and charges

    Hospitals, schools, charities – organisations providing some public good – less government handouts

    Please explain why the government is funding useless TV shows whilst cutting back on individuals and the public good?? Crazy!!