MasterChef wins Thursday, but Hamish & Andy win in younger demos

MasterChef: 1.291 for Ten

The last episode of MasterChef before finals week rated with 1.291m for Ten last night.

The show, on from 7pm till 8pm, won the night, and also the 25-54 demographic.

But Nine’s Hamish & Andy’s Euro Gap Year, which ran from 8pm to 9pm, topped the cooking show in the younger 18-49 and 16-39 demos.

On another miserable Thursday night for television, only four shows passed the 1m mark. Seven News and Nine News were the only other two shows besides MasterChef and Hamish & Andy’s Euro Gap Year to pass 1m, according to preliminary ratings from OzTam.

Ratings fell away for the Tour De France for SBS last night, after Aussie cyclist Cadel Evans fell out of contention. On at 10pm until late, the show pulled in a respectable 233,000 viewers, but the audience had tumbled from 301,000 the previous evening.

At breakfast, Seven’s Sunrise pulled in 344,000 while Today on Nine rated with 294,000.

Thursday’s top 15
1. Masterchef – Ten 1.291m
2. Seven News – Seven 1.239m
3. Hamish and Andy’s Euro Gap Year – Nine 1.156m
4. Nine News – Nine 1.155m
5. Today Tonight – Seven 0.993m
6. ABC News – ABC 0.922m
7. A Current Affair – Nine 0.920m
8. Criminal Minds – Seven 0.888m
9. Home and Away – Seven 0.882m
10. Modern Family – Ten 0.744m
11. The Footy Show – Nine 0.718m
12. Silk – ABC 0.673m
13. Ten News – Ten 0.660m
14. The Big Bang Theory – Episode 2 – Nine 0.654m
15. Hot Seat – Nine 0.647m

Thursday’s channel share
Seven: 22.3%
Nine: 20.8%
Ten: 15.3%
ABC1: 10.8%
SBS1: 6.6%
7TWO 4.3%
Eleven: 3.6%
7mate: 3.2%
ABC2: 2.9%
GO!: 2.8%
Gem: 2.2%
One: 2.2%
ABC3: 1.2%
SBS2: 1.1%
ABC News 24: 0.8%


  1. georgie
    20 Jul 12
    10:28 am

  2. Today show is going from worse to worst. what is going on?they have thrown everything at it and nothign seems to work. get rid of richard wilkins and richard reid. why does richard wilkins have to interview richard reid? cant the presenters do it themselves. Quite obvious there is a lull in the shows at the moment.nothing outstanding

  3. NJK
    20 Jul 12
    11:37 am

  4. Richard Wilkins and Richard Reid have to go, same with Ben Fordham – have never seen such a smug presenter. Karl can pull it off, Ben just looks like a twat. And what’s with Today’s weekend weather reporters? Emma Freedman looks and sounds like a 13yo tomboy and that other ex-Miss World contestant is pretty but sounds terrible. Ch.9 seems to employ people based chiefly on who is friends with the boss, and not on skills or public popularity

  5. kelly later
    20 Jul 12
    12:39 pm

  6. try watching ten’s breakfast show for a change – it’s a breath of fresh air. Our house has made the switch.

  7. georgie
    20 Jul 12
    12:40 pm

  8. I dont watch Today let alone weekend Today. The odd day off is when I turn on the brekkie shows. Sunrise is possilby having a good morning show in Larry and Kylie. Larry is cute. Today on the other hand does not have a good morning show in David Campbell and Sonya. What made Channel Nine think Sonya would make a good morning host is anyones guess. they have blown it big time.

  9. rob
    20 Jul 12
    2:47 pm

  10. Love Ben Fordham, at least he’s got a mind of his own.
    Struggling with Karl a bit though.

    The 2 Richards are fine – you just gotta go with it, and enjoy it.

    Anything’s better than Kochie, or O’Keefe on weekends – he’s almost disappeared up his own sense of self-satisfaction.

  11. zumabeach
    20 Jul 12
    3:07 pm

  12. Anyone who has the time, let alone the inclination, to watch breakfast-morning television has, well, too much time on their hands. Go for a run, walk the dog, watch the sun come up … anything but the likes of Ben Fordham or Richard Wilkins and their supercilious smirks and vapid opinions at 7 a.m. Erk!