Match is Australia’s top online advertiser while Facebook publishes 23% of all display ads says ComScore

Several of the biggest online advertisers in Australia are dating sites, data released by online audience tracker ComScore suggests.

The company claims that the biggest online display advertiser in Australia is the dating site Match, with dating site be2 third. Meanwhile Facebook is by far the biggest publisher of online ads.

According to ComScore’s new online display tracker Ad Metrix, InteractiveCorp was the biggest advertiser in January, driven mainly by its Match brand. IAC accumulated nearly 276m ad impressions, according to the data.

Next was NAB, with nearly 215m page impressions. This was followed by be2, which ComScore says delivered 190m ads in Australia.

Then came Weight Watchers with 183m. Foxtel, Lite N Easy and ANZ were other brands in the top ten.

ComScore ad metrix

However, the data also includes ads that run on sites owned by a parent company. So Cudo, owned by Nine Entertainment Co, will have had many of its ad views via ninemsn while Fairfax Media’s RSVP might have delivered ads to and

Amy Weinberger, comScore’s VP for Australia and New Zealand, conceded that the service was not necessarily able to differentiate between paying and unpaid ads. She said: “These are still valid impressions, as they were absolutely seen (fully downloaded) by a unique person – it’s still an ad being seen by an Aussie.”

She added: “Today an average Australian internet user receives more than 1,000 display ads each month, highlighting the significance of digital advertising in the broader media landscape.”

According to ComScore, Facebook is by far the biggest single delivery point of online display ads, accounting for 23% of them.

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  1. Chris
    14 Mar 12
    12:24 pm

  2. Oh, so Google isn’t a publisher, and has no customers???
    So it’s not really “online advertising” they are measuring – its just those annoying banner ads???

  3. Kinezo
    14 Mar 12
    3:24 pm

  4. Chris……as the title of this article suggest, “facebook publishes 23% of all display ads”. So yes, this is only based on banner ads.

  5. Logic
    14 Mar 12
    3:28 pm

  6. astounding insights. so insightful 😉

  7. Basil
    15 Mar 12
    6:35 pm

  8. I have never seen a Match ad to my knowledge – didn’t even know they operated in Australia – I have seen plenty of RSVP ones