McDonald’s turns operatic in new ad for Loose Change menu

mcdonald's loose changeMcDonald’s underlies its Loose Change Menu campaign with an operatic score  in a new ad from DDB.

The ad – “Stretch” – features the bedraggled owner of a cluttered curio store using an elaborate contraption of tied together walking sticks to reach a distant $2 coin.

View the ad:




  • Chief Marketing Officer: Mark Lollback
  • VP/Director of Marketing: Madeleine Fitzpatrick
  • Marketing Manager: Jenny O’Regean
  • Senior Brand Manager: Vanessa Rowed


  • Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison
  • Creative Directors: Cam Hoelter & Richard Morgan
  • Creative Team: David Fraser & Dantie Van Der Merwe
  • Managing Partner: Richard Morewood
  • Senior Business Director: Sara Tomonari
  • Senior Business Manager: Lisa Little


  • Production: Prodigy Films
  • Director: Steve Hudson
  • Producer: Marge McInness
  • DoP: Jeremy Rouse


  1. Mo S.
    22 Jan 13
    4:35 pm

  2. LOVE IT!

  3. Offal Spokesperson
    23 Jan 13
    1:53 pm

  4. When did opera become the new music for the masses… stop it!!

    Its just Vowels!

    I blame the cashed up bogans and Andrei Reui

    Enough already.. no more…im going to start an online petition