Melbourne agency releases theme music for Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament

Melbourne ad agency Sphere has released a remixed version of a song it produced for former client Nando’s, to be used as the theme tune for the Africa Cup of Nations, which kicked off this week.

‘Hearts on Fire’ was performed by African star Yvonne Chaka Chaka, and co-written by The Sphere Agency founder Michael Abdul and Dennis Dowlut, lead singer from the band Electric Empire.

An Australian artist was slated to co-perform the song, but there was resistance from the Africa Cup of Nations organisers who insisted on only using African talent.

The track will be played at the start of each game and at half time. It also features in videos on the Facebook page of United Against Malaria, a charity with ties to the competition.

Abdul called the song “a perfect case study on the power of branded entertainment.”


  1. Shipwrecked
    23 Jan 13
    2:15 pm

  2. This ‘song’ is rather cheesy and boring.

  3. Music Lover
    23 Jan 13
    4:26 pm

  4. This song just makes he hate vocoders more.

  5. Clean Up Australia
    23 Jan 13
    7:56 pm

  6. Well I guess recycling is good for the environment… even if it’s an idea from an old client. I hope Nando’s aren’t recycling their chicken as well.

    Oh, great video too!