Melbourne band The Triangles get their song in Spanish ad, then goes to the top of the charts

A song by a Melbourne band called The Triangles has hit number one on the Spanish charts after it was used in a TV ad for the beer brand, Estrella Damm.

The band’s song “Applejack” is currently on the top of the iTunes Top 10 singles chart in Spain and the YouTube clip has had over 875,000 views.

Melbourne-based music supervision company Level Two submitted the song to Estrella Damm to be used as the soundtrack for the beer brand’s summer ad campaign created by its agency Villarrosas, in Barcelona.

In May, The Triangles were flown to Menorca to star in the commercial, with the full version of the TV spot featuring Applejack in its entirety.

The song originally appeared on The Triangles’ 2005 album Magic Johnson released by independent record label, Half a Cow.


  1. Tom
    3 Jun 10
    4:54 pm

  2. Beautiful ad.

  3. Anonymous
    3 Jun 10
    4:57 pm

  4. a mi gusta espanol senoritas!

  5. anon
    3 Jun 10
    5:21 pm

  6. Love the ad. And love the way they seem to have looked at the Australian rules around how not to advertise alcohol – e.g. as contributing to personal, business, social or sexual achievments – and used it as a template for what to do. :)

  7. Riarn
    3 Jun 10
    5:35 pm

  8. I like how its a guide on how to pick up a girl who isnt interested in you..
    haha great ad, with some great shots

  9. jen
    3 Jun 10
    6:08 pm

  10. nice one for an aussie band !

  11. !
    3 Jun 10
    6:29 pm

  12. This used to be called a ‘sell out’ isn’t it amazing how that concept almost doesn’t exist anymore. I wonder what that says about life?

  13. Tom
    3 Jun 10
    7:56 pm

  14. Very happy for ’em. Nice story.

  15. steven
    3 Jun 10
    8:17 pm

  16. i want to go to spain…now!

  17. Cheeks McBumbles
    4 Jun 10
    3:59 am

  18. Three minute ads = Pervy director’s scope for gratuitous bikini arse shots to the power of six.

  19. reevesy
    4 Jun 10
    1:45 pm

  20. The Spanish are clearly far more sensible drinkers; if this was an Australian ad the case of beer would have been gone at the first night’s bonfire.

  21. Daniel
    4 Jun 10
    6:55 pm

  22. Thanks to The Triangles and the fabulous music from Menorca island with love for Australia. Muchas gracias!

  23. Chris
    4 Jun 10
    10:59 pm

  24. Love the horses doing monos, a highlight for me.

  25. indiancurry
    4 Jun 10
    11:34 pm

  26. Love life the Spanish way, all I get to see here are the Hahn, VB ads. Not fair!

  27. Megan
    5 Jun 10
    12:06 am

  28. Love the song. Has a 70s feel to it. Never heard of the band til now though. Well, congratz and good for them!

  29. Javier
    5 Jun 10
    9:45 am

  30. Australia and Menorca, united by music. Fantastic! A hug to all Austalian people from the island of Menorca.

  31. DonRanil
    7 Jun 10
    9:01 pm

  32. The Triangles played gigs all around Melbourne, and it took them years later, when the band members were worlds apart for them to be fully appreciated… Spain.
    Congrats guys – the song really does add a unique ‘flavour’ to the ad…
    Also if anyone does manage an Australian FMCG co, these guys use to give out Lamingtons and cakes at their Melbourne gigs, perhaps a great way to introduce the beer +lamington phenomena in la Spanola….

    Brilliant song and great beer!

  33. Daniel
    25 Jun 10
    8:48 pm

  34. Latest news from Menorca (Spain) :
    Yesterday, the Day of Sant Joan (Saint John’s) who is the Most beautiful and incredible celebration from Spain, here in Ciutadella de Menorca the Music Band was playing the song during the climax of the Fiesta. U have to see. Was a crazy powerful moment. Awaiting to upload the record.
    Ty The Triangles!Hugs!