Melbourne scientists acquire Cosmos Magazine

The ownership of popular science magazine Cosmos has changed hands, with Luna Media selling the print, online and iPad brand to a couple of Melbourne scientists.

Dr Alan Finkel and his wife Dr Elizabeth Finkel, a science writer, have acquired the nine-year old title in a move that will see the publisher’s advertising and editorial teams move from Sydney to Melbourne.

The Finkels already owned part of the business, and have acquired the remainder from co-founders Kylie Ahern, the company’s CEO, and Wilson da Silva, editorial director, for an undisclosed sum.

Dr Elizabeth Finkel will take over as the magazine’s editor-in-chief, while da Silva will continue to lead editorial operations.

“After eight years at the helm, and with so much achieved, Wilson and I felt it was time to look for new challenges,” said Ahern, who will be staying on until June to oversee the move to Melbourne.

“This has been an incredibly rewarding job for me, and while I feel sad to leave, I also feel privileged to have worked with such a talented and innovative team who have helped us soar to such global heights. But I know that Cosmos is going to owners who love it as much as we do, and its legacy is in great hands,” she said.


  1. maurette
    4 Mar 13
    3:26 am

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