‘Mischievous’ Paul Henry to front Ten’s Breakfast, ‘no truth’ to Sarah Murdoch rumours

Paul Henry has been unveiled as one of the presenters of Ten’s upcoming morning show, Breakfast.

The controversial New Zealander will join fellow TVNZ executive Anthony Flannery, set to head up news and current affairs in January, to Ten.

Henry resigned from TVNZ in October 2010 after his on-air mocking of the Indian family name “Dikshit” caused an uproar.


Ten’s chief programming officer, David Mott, said: “Paul is exactly what we’ve been after for Breakfast. He’s cheeky, mischievous and unapologetically forthright, just like Ten’s viewers. While you can’t ever be sure what Paul will do, when he’s on air, you know he’s going to tackle the elephant in the room.”

Network Ten’s interim head of news and current affairs, Dermot O’Brien – who is standing in before the arrival of Flannery – said: “With his edgy style, Paul is the perfect complement for our growing Breakfast team. We’re excited to have a host, commentator and journalist of Paul’s calibre who can bring his own unique take to news and current affairs. We’re delighted Paul is on board and will add an exciting dimension to Breakfast.”

Henry added: “This is the sort of opportunity that can easily never come along in a broadcaster’s lifetime. The fit between me and Ten is absolutely perfect, and I know Australia is ready for the kind of breakfast show we have in mind.”

Henry joins Andrew Rochford, who left ARN radio station Mix 106.5 to front the soon-to-launch show.

A female co-presenter will be Ten’s next announcement. A Ten spokesperson told Mumbrella that there is “no truth” to the rumours that Sarah Murdoch will join Rochford and Henry.

The network was also quiet on details for the format of the new show, which will be announced in January.


  1. jean cave
    7 Nov 11
    11:05 am

  2. Oh dear that doesnt seem like a very clever move to me!

  3. Roger Ramjet
    7 Nov 11
    1:45 pm

  4. I cannot begin to imagine what Ten was thinking.

  5. Bleeding Heart
    7 Nov 11
    2:16 pm

  6. ‘Edgy’ – yeah being offensive for the sake of being offensive is really ‘edgy’. Pathetic.

  7. Tidy Kiwi
    7 Nov 11
    2:19 pm

  8. Paul Henry, extradited from NZ media, only to get prime position in Australia….bad move Mr Mott…

  9. Alexis
    7 Nov 11
    2:24 pm

  10. Paul Henry is brilliant, he’s absolutely hilarious!!

  11. mister a
    7 Nov 11
    2:40 pm

  12. what were TEN thinking? He came across as a loud mouthed racist who would laugh at the mention of boobies.

  13. Joe
    7 Nov 11
    2:44 pm

  14. Finally a worthy rival for Karl

  15. Rob Muldoon
    7 Nov 11
    3:01 pm

  16. By hiring Henry, Channel 10 have just increased the average IQ of both NZ and Australia…

  17. Jim P
    7 Nov 11
    3:57 pm

  18. If this is what Ten is giving us for breakfast we sure won’t need All Bran!

  19. Anonymous
    7 Nov 11
    4:01 pm

  20. Paul Henry is the best person TVNZ ever let go. Well done channel ten for picking him up! Can’t wait for next year!

  21. Accent barrier?
    7 Nov 11
    7:27 pm

  22. Hill huv te wurk un hes iccint furst.

    I can barely understand the guy.